ZappRx App Raises $25 Million to Save Lives by Speedy Prescription of Specialty Drugs
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It is a common practice that in order to ensure the well-being of someone who is sick, we often shower him with fruits and fresh vegetables. Also in the name of social work, people donate food supplements to government hospitals and other such institutions. What we tend to overlook is that these fruits can never save someone’s life; it will only help a person who is already recovering. If one really wants to make a difference, he must ensure that the right drugs reach the patient at the crucial time. With this motive, a tech startup has come up with an initiative to help patients get their prescriptions faster. For this, ZappRx raises $25 million to make sure the patient can get his medication on an immediate basis.

ZappRx Inc. is a Boston-based digital health company which stands for “Zoe’s Prescription App”. The founder Zoe Barry established this app after her youngest brother was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of five. The diagnosis and therapy of her brother took around a year to start which worsened his condition. This incident evoked the thought of giving timely help to the patients in Barry, which ultimately led to the ZappRx app. Through this app, the patient can conveniently track his drug like any other e-commerce platform. The startup streamlines the process into a single digitally-enabled format for better results. The app which is available nationwide comes with a feature wherein the doctor can manage the prescription of the patient irrespective of his health insurance rules.

ZappRx app

The ZappRx app will speed up the process and availability of drugs.

How will ZappRx app make prescription a speedy process

The main goal of the app is to speed up the process of drug prescription with the help of an online platform. This platform will be available for medical centers and their patients. Currently, the digital health company is only working on specialty drugs as they treat progressive, chronic, and terminal diseases. Also, such drugs are really expensive. Once the doctor diagnoses an individual with a chronic disease, he has to manually prepare paperwork which is 20 to 30 pages long to prove that the individual has the disease and is eligible for the drug. After this, the patient has to wait for 6 to 8 weeks for its approval. In the meanwhile, the patient has no resource to track his drugs. ZappRx aims to speed up this entire process.

ZappRx app announced today that it rose funding worth $25 million which is led by Qiming US Healthcare Fund. This new capital will be useful to increase the marketing and sales efforts of the team. To develop the startup further, Barry is in talks with numerous stakeholders to use its financial sources to the maximum. The company firmly believes that through such efforts, people suffering from chronic diseases may get an opportunity to recover soon.

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