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Your Public Speaking skills can benefit your business
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Public Speaking Skills

Aspiring entrepreneurs have a great vision along with strong engineering skills but they have a negative interest when it comes to public speaking. Their legs wobble as they approach the podium, hands tremble while adjusting the microphone, head pulsate, and a howl builds deep inside them and they want to escape.

Beyond the fear, some really don’t understand the value of being able to communicate effectively with investors, team members, customers, and innumerable support people. It is not that everyone should have public speaking skills to succeed, but it surely gives an added advantage in your business.

Why is it important? Here’s why:

  • You need to address a group of investors for funding.
  • You get an opportunity to be a part of the expert panel.
  • You might face many television interviews in which you may be asked to explain your vision.
  • You may host various seminars as your company grows in size.
  • You will be the key speaker at major business meetings.
  • You have to represent your company at various industry association events.

Now moving from the ‘why’ to the ‘how’, here are some tips that may help you become a good speaker:

  • Practice is the ultimate key to mastering any skill, and speaking is no exception. Great leaders and business tycoons practice several times before delivering their actual speech. A great speech should seem authentic, effortless and even spontaneous.
  • Say something right off the bat that connects to the audience. It is important to grab audience’s attention as soon as possible, so you can address them or say something that will interest them.
  • Focus on your body language as it is equally important as the content of your speech. It involves eye contact, facial expressions as well as gestures and postures. An audience would not engage with a speaker who delivers his speech in a monotonous tone.
  • A speaker should relate to audience’s self-interest. While delivering a speech, the prime focus should be the content that audience would be interested in and which is the sole purpose of the meeting.
  • Keep the session interactive for the audience, so that your speech doesn’t seem dull or boring at any point in time.
  • Add some humor. Good speakers make their audience laugh and never stick to a monotonous format.

Public speaking will really impact your business and will make you stand out as a leader. Your business will surely benefit if your image in people’s head is authoritative and honorable.

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