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Yoga and Business – What Yoga Taught Me about Running a Start-Up?
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Yoga is a mindfulness practice that can be tremendously challenging physically, emotionally and mentally. But the rewards can be indeed fulfilling by teaching you great ways to learn and stay calm. This will make the journey of your daunting entrepreneurial venture much easier. There are a lot of things that happen during the course of building a start-up that no amount of knowledge can help solely.

First let’s get to what yoga actually means. The essence of yoga is far from scientific stretching. Though many people think of yoga only as the asanas and postures that have gained popularity in recent decades. This is actually only the most superficial aspect of this profound science that discovers the great potentials of the human mind. Yoga helps us escape from the manacles of ignorance, incorrect views, misconceptions and habituated attitudes that stand in the way of our success and performance in life. Yoga and business start-up together put, sound seemingly absurd. But the words below will surely change your mind.

Surprisingly enough yoga reveals some fascinating theories that will help you profoundly craft your path in your business start-up journey.

Yoga and business

Yoga and business will both have failures

Embrace failure

Learn how to deal intelligently through practising yoga with your business start-up failures. You will inevitably encounter challenges; probably more on the start-up path. But giving up is not an option. There is no doubt about it with performing an arm balance like a handstand. While working on a startup you are going to make mistakes and are going to fail (fall) a lot! In theΒ case of arm balances learning how to fall can be actually very helpful. Fear can be crippling and if you are really afraid of falling you become stuck, paralysed and make no growth. By continuously practising falling (failing), you recognise your fears (will my idea work, etc.). Then either you will shed them or build practices that allowΒ failing safely (learn to balance upside down).

Train your mind for entrepreneurial instincts (being patient and consistent)

It could take weeks or months of consistent mindfulness practice every day to build up the strength, flexibility, and mental stamina to make those new movements seem effortless. Yoga takes you a step further. By calming your mind you learn to listen and trust your inner guidance. It might be gut feeling in those moments of failure in which you know what can be the next right step. You learn that difficult experience have their purpose and trust that the Universe has your back.

business and yoga

Practice inner peace while everything outside is volatile and ever changing

Before each practice session, there are certain breathing exercises that require you to take long extended inhalations, followed by long extended exhalations frequently up till 5 to 7 minutes.

By doing these conscious and scientifically derived gentle breathing exercises, you are able to focus your mind and concentrate on your particular activity. It will help in getting the self into a meditative state and allowing quieting your mind, relaxing your muscles, reducing anxiety and being completely present in the moment.

Β During the course of responsibilities as a startup, circumstances take unexpected turns, deals can get complicated and people can be immoral. There is no assurance that things will go as one thought they should. That is why yoga points our attention inside ourselves, where the real sanctuary lies. The only way to survive and possibly thrive is to adapt quickly and keep your cool.

A mindfulness practice such as Yoga is proven to help achieveΒ physical, mental and emotional balance. Meditation, being part of yoga helps withΒ focus, mental clarity, alertness and effectiveness, decision making and copingΒ with a hectic work environment. Continuous practice of this ancient practice will also lead to better health, better intuition, increased immunity and energy, stress relief and ultimately more happiness. With all the ways that yoga can help you grow your startup and become a better leader, it’s time to get your mat and start practising this life-changing practice.

So, what's your say on yoga and business leadership?

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