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Yahoo Radar App’s Virtual Assistant Travel Agent is Kind of Cute
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Search engine Yahoo today launched a new iOS app to make it easier for people to plan their next trip. The Yahoo Radar app offers recommendations on points of interest, landmarks, and other sights in a given city. The app works in conjunction with Yahoo Mail to curate information about any U.S. city and other travel information.

The app also taps into the user's email inbox to surface trip itineraries, including flight, hotel and rental car reservations and organizes this information in the app. The app is competitive and has the elements found in Kayak, TripIt, and TripAdvisor. It can also send notifications to users flight delays, cancellations or gate changes, for instance.

Yahoo Radar

Users simply need to sign in with their Yahoo Mail email address to get many of the recommendations and notificationsย from scanning the emails, or they can also link their Gmail, Outlook, AOL, or Hotmail address to Yahoo Mail, a feature that was added back in December 2015.

In addition, the Yahoo Radar app will also collect user reviews and travel tips from major travel including TripAdvisor to offer travel information, like must-see sights and top restaurants. It comes with some travel assistant features, like check-in reminders and notifications for flights which can be launched any time by just tapping buttons at the bottom of the app.

Users can also make use of the virtual assistant travel agent for their interactions. For instance, they can ask for suggestions on restaurants, where the three most popular restaurants that are open will be shown. Users can narrow this down by suggested filters like budget friendly or brunch, etc to see more recommendations from the virtual assistant travel agent. They can then choose to save those recommendations by favoriting them, which populates another section of the app. On the whole,ย finding a restaurant is aย multi-step process here, while users can easily get a full list of results right in an app like Yelp or even Google Search.

The Yahoo Radar app is currently an iOS-only with no plans for an Android counterpart yet. Users can download it from the iTune App Store.

The companyโ€™s plans to making some big changes is laudable, but with a number of travel apps out there, including Trip Advisor, Foursquare, Expedia, and Airbnb, itโ€™s too early to predict how the new app will perform when it comes to the number of users that it can take in.

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