Yahoo finally releases Aviate, an intelligent Android Homescreen App
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On Monday, Yahoo released an Android personalization app that could strengthen its mobile portfolio. Yahoo Aviate is the result of the company's acquisition of Aviate earlier in January, the Android app allows tweaking the homescreen based on what users are doing.

 Yahoo Aviate for Android

The version launched is available for Android device owners globally, though it only supports English as of now. Aviate makes use of things like Wi-Fi, GPS, accelerometer, and time to surface such information. Marissa Mayer, the CEO of Yahoo, said Aviate could help Yahoo transfer content in a discerning and more personalized manner.

Yahoo said that the new-and-improved homescreen simplifies everything about the phone. It shows weather and news apps all through the morning, productivity apps while at work, music apps while the user is driving. It has a new interface, with organized apps that offers intelligent information based on user’s habits and preferences.

Additionally Aviate can also give weather alerts if the weather is significantly different today than it was yesterday, which would help the user to dress appropriately. It will also enable user’s to join conference calls with a single tap or send email to people if they are running late to a meeting. Aviate will also get an estimate of travel times based on traffic and also includes ways to text or call friends and family. A swipe up on the home screen will find icons for people, who the user speaks with frequently on the phone or through texting.

Yahoo has added a lot of new resources to Aviate, and since the acquisition the company has grown from seven to 25 people. Aviate founder Paul Montoy-Wilson and co-founder Mark Daiss want to ensure that the company consolidate content that is best for its users and not necessarily just created by Yahoo.

The Aviate update will be for Android 4.0 and higher and will be available in the Google Play Store. Other additional features include a way to track sleep as well as one-swipe access to routine habits like alarm clock, calendar, and a twice-daily news summary by Yahoo News.

It seems like most of the technology companies including Facebook to Yahoo are racing ahead to figure out ways to dominate the homescreen. Yahoo knows how important it is for the app to be just as dynamic as the home screen, and users can expect many more updates and changes that will be coming soon to Yahoo Aviate.

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