‘Yahoo’ For CEO Marissa Mayer

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has sat behind the wheel of the company for 4 years now. She has had the extravagance of administrating one of the world’s most recognized internet brands. This was mainly when the brand was surging with a digital ad market, a supportive board, a big load of cash and a billion visitors.

When the company hired Mayer, it was at a point to become a real player in social media and flourish bigger digital media chattels and this ultimately would influence increase in profits from its huge spectators. However, the company faced many challenges since then, with entrance of bigger competitors such as Facebook, Twitter and Gmail.

Mayer decided to spend a whopping $1 billion on blogging startup Tumblr as a way to compete with the social media platforms.

‘Yahoo’ CEO Appointment

41 year old CEO Marissa Mayer was chosen at Yahoo in 2012. Formerly, she spent 13 years at Google, where her vocation in product development mainly added to the site’s exclusive look and feel.

Marissa grew up idealising to be a doctor. However, while at Stanford University, she inhibited a passion for computers. She then acquired 2 degrees – a Bachelor of Science in symbolic systems and a Master of Science in computer science, with a speciality in artificial intelligence. However, it was possibly her investigation internships that made her grasp more than 10 job offers fresh out of her graduate degree.


At the time of Mayer’s Yahoo selection, she was one amongst 20 female CEOs alleged of a ‘Fortune 500’ business. She directed the growth of Google’s most winning products for more than 10 years. And then she was allotted the CEO post of Yahoo at the age of 37. At that time the company recently started declining stock prices, layoffs and decreasing ad revenue. She became the 5th CEO appointed by Yahoo in five years. At that time she was appointed with a challenge of surging the company to profits.

“Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is known for her tough work fundamentals”.

She has often heaved off all-nighters during her work hours. Factually enough, she has even persevered from her hospital bed soon after having her twins in 2015. Former Yahoo director Max Levchin rightly states her as the hardest working CEO in Silicon Valley.

It has been a challenge for Yahoo to reach for their existence in smartphones. Marissa claims there were moments in early 2000s when the company was so big that most did not realize where Yahoo finished and the internet began. It’s rigid to shift mediums and conclude with the same head space. Facebook is a leading player today. However, even by their own figures, they perhaps occupy 20 to 25 percent of time spent on mobile. She sighs that media is just a lot more into fragments today.

Yahoo Turnaround

Recently the company has announced to sell its core internet and media businesses to Verizon for $4.8 billion. However, the society questions if this will be a good outcome for a company that once had such cultural significance. But Marissa stands tall with a strong foothold.

She proclaims that the company has shareholders with two different priorities. Some people own Yahoo stock because they really care about digital advertising and the internet and a possible turnaround there. And another set of stakeholders who own it because they see a lot of constructive dealings that can happen with the company’s productive Asian assets. The company has responsibilities towards both. Nonetheless, as the CEO of the company, she declares that the Verizon attainment is a way to slay two birds with one hit.

Stepping Ahead Blatantly

The lady loves design and artificial intelligence. She believes that she has built a really strong set of skills and experiences as a CEO and hopes to continue reaping the opportunity to apply those skills. She is spontaneous and does not believe in planning beforehand.

Four years after taking the wheel at Yahoo, she oversees a sale of the plagued tech pioneer’s mainstay production amidst declining traffic and ad profits. In late 2015 the company stepped back from the strategy to roll off its most important asset. This asset is a 15% venture in Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba. This is now surged at $30 billion. Much of Mayer’s individual affluence comes from her 13-year stretch at Google, where she was one of its primary employees. Now renowned as Alphabet, the stock’s surge hauled up her luck this year.

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