Xiaomi Nokia Deal to Solely Focus on Artificial Intelligence Patents
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Companies like Apple, Samsung, and Nokia have ruled the mobile phone market for years. There was a time when all these companies had achieved a monopoly over their other competitors and customers flocked to them simply because of their brand name. Such a scenario has undergone various changes now. These brands still have a sense of credibility along with their name but people have started trusting other brands as well. There can be various reasons behind this. One of the most prominent ones is that the other brands offer same or even better features at an affordable price. Xiaomi is also such a brand. This mobile manufacturer has collaborated with a pioneer of mobiles which resulted in the Xiaomi Nokia deal.

It seems that Xiaomi is giving some sort of a message to all its competitors stating that it is here to stay and will overtake others in terms of technology. The steps taken by the company also project the same. Just a year back, the Chinese company bought 1,500 patents from Microsoft. This itself signifies the extent to which this company is willing to go to make sure they inculcate the best technology possible. Even in the Xiaomi Nokia deal, both the companies will work together in the fields of virtual reality and artificial intelligence.


Nokia made the official announcement about this deal.

Details about the Xiaomi Nokia deal

According to this deal, both the companies will have the liberty to use each other’s patents. Nokia made the official announcement about this deal. It stated that it is venturing into a patent license as well as purchase deal with Xiaomi. Through this deal, Xiaomi will become a customer of Nokia’s networking equipment. The patent deal lays particular stress on data centers and network infrastructure kits. Apart from this, both the companies will work together to further explore possibilities in VR and AI.

Xiaomi has been expressive about its focused ventures in the field of artificial intelligence. Earlier this year, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun boosted the AI team of the company by 50 percent and launched an AI lab. It is quite obvious that the Xiaomi Nokia deal is to make the most of these attempts of the company. The Chinese manufacturer comes across as highly ambitious when it comes to the use of artificial intelligence in smartphones. If its progress continues at this pace, it will not be long before the company swiftly takes over its pioneers.

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