World’s Most Dangerous Ice-Cream That Requires You to Sign a Death Waiver First

Usually, anyone would expect a spoonful of ice cream to help the body from overheating while also igniting the brain’s pleasure centre, as one of the greatest sweet treats concocted by man. That’s not the case if you ever find yourself brave enough to try Respiro del Diavolo (Devil’s Breath) ice cream. There’s nothing cold to describe the ice cream for, even though it’s cold outside. Spiced with the hottest chilli pepper in the world, the bizarre sweet treat scores over 1.5 million units on the Scoville heat scale, making it 5 times hotter than Tabasco sauce and the world’s most dangerous ice-cream.

Martin Bandoni, owner of the award-winning Aldwych Café and Ice Cream Parlour is the man commercializing the lethal-capped dessert made “with great caution,” with the intention of warming you up, instead of the traditional role of a regular ice-cream. Bandoni alleged that the recipe has been in existence for centuries, but secretly-guarded among Italian gelato makers who use it among themselves as a test of bravery at yearly gatherings. It has actually become a commercial hit as thought by Bandoni after including it on the menu of his Glasglow ice-cream parlour. People from all over the UK are stopping by to get warmed up by the blazing delicacy.

Respiro del Diavolo, world’s spiciest ice cream.

To really clarify how hot the treat, Respiro del Diavolo ice cream is, its ranked at a whopping 1,569,300 SHU on the Scoville hotness scale. That’s why consumers must sign a death waiver before going that hot with the ice-cream and most importantly, they must be 18 years and above. Of course, it’s a dish for the brave ones and Bandoni deserves to clear his desk. Carolina Reaper Pepper, which is the scorching spice, is rated 1.8 million units on the average.

Chilli fans must find the ice-cream very appealing, with its strange sensation of cold body and extremely peppery flavour. “Your mind plays tricks on you when you try it,” Bandoni said. Aside from the secret recipe which came from Italy, all the ingredients are sourced locally. Until now, the ice cream parlour is still running a test to see how people would react to the limited product, but they alleged to have received a positive feedback so far.

Aldwych Café and Ice Cream Parlour would consider featuring Respiro del Diavolo ice-cream permanently on its menu sometime after Valentine’s Day if the feedback remains positive.

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