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World’s Most Expensive Motorcycles
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Every bike enthusiast remembers the first time they fall in love with their motorcycle. An embodiment of manliness with a downright connection to adrenaline and testosterone, motorcycles have turned out to be an ideal channel for people with enthusiasm for life, freedom, adventure, warm gush of breeze – the perfect nirvana moment. Marlon Brando was expelled from school for riding it in the halls. James Dean cracked the ceiling in the Atomic age metaphorical to rebel on wheels. Steve McQueen had a lifelong affair with it. While Jay Leno keeps making us green with envy with his scrumptious collection. For some, it’s a lifestyle grown into a passion while for others it’s two wheels with a soul. And who wouldn’t want to plunk down a seven-figure check in the hands of a dealer if they had their eyes set on a rare Mona Lisa at the first chance they got? So, buckle up and prepare yourself as we’re presenting another delicious serving of Larger than Life; The Royals – World’s Most Expensive Motorcycles.

Cosmic Starship Harley Davidson – Travelled straight from the stars to Earth - Price Paid - $300K

“If you’re not Lady GaGa, Scarlett Johansson or Sylvester Stallone Do Not Touch This Harley

World's most expensive motorcycles

Cosmic Starship Harley Davidson

Says legendary artist Jack Armstrong, internationally famous due to his Rock Star status and taste for extravagant entrances with mucho Hollywood swagger.

At an astronomical price tag of $3 Million, Cosmic Starship is the world’s first and only Harley-Davidson motorcycle to be ever used as a canvas. The distinctive million dollars Cosmic Harley gasconades artist Jack Armstrong’s trademark painting style called ‘Cosmic Extensionalism’ using avant-garde colors and textures, and exhibits words appearing throughout the motorcycle when viewed from different angles. The artist referred to as ‘The Last Wizard’ by high-art demigod Andy Warhol, spent more than six months to create something that looks like it has travelled from the stars to Earth.

 “The Cosmic Harley is far more American than ice-cream, the great American desert. This bad boy is the personification of rebelliousness and sensuality. It can leave a swoon-tastic stardust trail for women and is something of an enigma with super-sonic stealth.”

 It’s James Dean, it's Marlon Brando, it's Elvis Presley, and Steve McQueen. It’s hard to tell if it’s the artist’s swagger or the monad Harley fetching $3 million, but this one of a kind Harley not likely to be easily forgotten.

The Tarhan Telli Rustic Chopper - $1 Million*

Tarhan Telli Chopper Most expensive motorcycles

Designed by a Turkish Bike enthusiastic Tarhan Telli, flaunting tastefully rustic yellow and white gold leaf finishing on its body shell, chassis and gearbox, this chopper is the ideal one for you if you deep pockets, deep enough to carry $1 Million.

“The ultra-luxurious chopper is a blend of engineering and alchemy marvel and took over a year to finish.”

 Given the amount of detailing its swanks, it’s undoubtedly rare and significant. The fuel tank is decked with an intricately elegant gold artwork of Medusa and her serpentine look festooned on its rear fender and frame. An almost rugged and industrial feel is given to the motorcycle by using such materials to remove the bling factor of gold as well as use of studs and fringes around the perimeter.

This classy creation has turned Medusa’s viper tresses and hideous countenance into a luxuriant engineering masterpiece. If you want this thing of beauty, you might want to act now and outbid since it’s almost spoken for.

*Experts suppose that it contains over $1.112 Million worth of gold, an accurate price tag is still uncertain.

Goldfinger Motorcycle - Price Paid -$850K

Goldfinger Most expensive Motorcycles

UFFE Lauge Jense, a Denmark-based creator of customizable bikes is a 24-karat gold covered motorcycle. All that gold in just one bike, no wonder Denmark is the happiest country in the world!

The motorcycle is plated with 24-karat gold and covered with 250 tiny diamonds totaling more than 7 carats. Its seat is upholstered with a one of a kind cognac-colored crocodile skin and 859 of bike’s parts are individually gold-plated by hand.

If you’re considering buying this piece of jewelry on two wheels you might want to hold that thought back, as a private buyer already snapped it after its special unveiling at events in Dubai and Monaco. Hunt the owner down? Sure, try looking for second-hand gold plated motorcycles on Dubai craigslist after a few months. Although you might be persuaded by the fact that Lauge Jensen is already working on his next masterpiece “pretty wild stuff” aka piece of jewelry on wheels that could easily top a million dollars.

Legendary 1954 AJS E95 Porcupine – The Holy Grail of British Motorcycles

Price Paid- $675K

1954_AJS_E95_-Porcupine most expensive motorcycles

“Exotic and graceful 1954 AJS E95 Porcupine motorcycle is history taught in the form of a beautiful story and has immense historical significance.”

Now it can’t be all Harley’s on the list right? Conceived during the darkest days of the Second World War by a passionate works racer of British Manufacturer AJS, is the only 500cc twin-cylinder motorcycle to have ever won World Championship and is one of the only four AJS E95 Porcupines to have ever built. It testifies Britain’s first ever success attained in modern era’s Grand Prix World Championship – the chariot of choice for Les Graham and AJS marking their first and only World Championship in 1949.

At present, two AJS E95s are in a Chartered Museum and one in private hands owned by New York-based Team Obsolete. The rare motorcycle went under the hammer in Bonham’s auction held during Pebble Beach Car Week in 2011 selling at $675,000 USD. It represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of acquiring one of the most legendary and exotic motorcycles of Grand Prix Racing history. With AJS porcupines so limited, all 1954 models are being accounted for creating quite a stir among discerning collectors.

The Rolling Sculpture - Dodge Tomahawk –World’s Fastest Motorcycle $550K

Dodge_Tomahawk most expensive motorcycles

Enjoy the brotherhood of fellow riders? Well, forget it for life if you’re riding one of these massive monstrous bikes. This iron horse wouldn’t even let you do the rubber-side-down wave.

Introduced all the way back in 2003 at the International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan this face melting machine can speed up to 420mph (estimated) and reach an acceleration of 0 to 60 miles an hour in 2.5 seconds. Limited to only ten models, Tomahawk motorcycles cannot be licensed, hence not likely to be seen on public roads anytime soon (maybe in Mexico?). Genetically a quadricycle (having four wheels) each of this attention-grabbing motorcycles are hand-built of which nine are already sold, offered through Neiman Marcus catalog at a price of $555,000 USD, however, two units were sold at an even higher price of$700K. Weighting 1500-lb the Dodge Viper V-10 based engine, has a body made of aluminum with roller-type hydraulic filters.

And of course, All Good Motorcycles Go to Heaven!

So there, you have it folks, your next birthday wish list.

Now that spring is here. The riding season is upon us! And nothing like the first warm breeze of spring, the smell of freshly mown grass, the symphony of that chopper roaring, and the exhilaration of open-air riding. It can never be more truly said than these, it’s like two wheels move the soul. In case you’re glaringly looking out of the office window, hoping to get that chopper out of the garage then there, we already gave you the nudge.

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