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What Does The World’s Most Expensive Coffee Taste Like? National Coffee Day


While coffee is dubbed the biggest source of antioxidants in diets, many prefer having it as a means of rejuvenating the liver or for psychoactive benefits. But some will insist on the most expensive coffee in the world – definitely for the taste. Can you afford to spend 60 bucks for a cup of coffee? We are referring to a beverage that would cost at least $200 for a pound. You have been going on a very moderate price if you have not had the Kopi Luwak – the world’s most expensive coffee. This year people are celebrating national coffee day in USA. It will be a huge opportunity for coffee lovers to grab the lucrative deals at almost all prime restaurant and java stores.

What's Kopi Luwak?

Kopi Luwak is a rare coffee from Southeast Asia. Though it's not classified as Robusta or Arabica coffee, some farmers suggest the seed is from any of the mentioned coffee beans. But history books describe the beans more as Arabica. So, why is classifying the most expensive coffee not that important? Because of the processing! Kopi Luwak is derived from the Indonesian word for coffee, "Kopi" and a palm civet cat, "Luwak" a cat-like animal which eats and digests the coffee beans. And how does this disgusting phrase concern the most expensive coffee?

Coffee beans used in producing Kopi Luwak is collected from the droppings of Luwak, a shy forest animal that feeds on ripe coffee cherries. The animal consumes the cherries but can't digest the coffee beans. Hence, Luwak defecates fermented coffee beans alongside its droppings for the coffee production. Farmers collect the beans, clean, wash and process them to give us the most expensive coffee in the world.

Kopi Luwak Sarah Ackerman most expensive coffee

Kopi Luwak (Image Credit: Sarah Ackerman)

What's so special about Kopi Luwak? Well, the wild animal's anal scent glands and digestive tract usually change the molecular structure of the coffee beans to offer an irresistible taste and aroma – a quality that most people can afford to buy a pound even at $500. And what does the world's most expensive coffee taste like? Kopi Luwak beans have a deep, overroasted smell to them. We sourced ethically harvested Kopi Luwak and had it brewed in a french press. The result was an aromatic, thick, espresso-like drink. The taste is pristinely earthy, with less acidity and a musky aftertaste.

National Coffee Day

If you're a coffee lover, acquire yourself a cup! Today happens to be National Coffee Day.

Countless cafes and restaurants are rejoicing with their own deals and free coffee.

Many trusted brands are honored the unofficial holiday with a buy-one-get-one half off deal.

They said they've relished serving the community and forming new beverages for customers.

"It's delightful. I mean, it's a festivity of whatever keeps everybody going, keeps America going, you know? We love coffee here, we have certainly delightful roasters that come out of the St. Louis area. We really, really like our coffee here," said baker Andrew Kopester.

These restaurants will add new items on their menu and have a ribbon cutting this Saturday as well.

It's been a year, and we tranquil have a lot to get through. During these trying times, we've often twisted to life's humblest pleasures to help us survive, including, of course, an enchanting cup of freshly brewed coffee. Today, in honor of National Coffee Day, you can adore that simple pleasure for free at several different spots.

Ahead, we've gathered National Coffee Day deals and discounts that are available for java drinkers all across the country. From free cups to specials on beans, these coffee retailers and chains have your much-needed pick-me-up covered today.

Now, Caffeine fiends rejoice. Sept. 29 is National Coffee Day and that comes with deals at all your favorite java spots.

National Coffee Day 2020 Celebration

  • 7-Eleven: All 7-Rewards followers can get coffee in any size for $1 today.
  • Atlas Coffee Club: Get your first 12-ounce bag of Premium Single Origin Coffee for free with any subscription when you use the discount code "AtlasCoffeeDay20" at checkout.
  • Emma Chamberlain Gave Her Coffee Brand A Makeover
  • Barnes & Noble: Today, Barnes & Noble Cafés across the country will be proposing a free cup of tall, freshly-brewed hot or iced coffee with the buying of any item from its bake case.
  • Circle K: Participating Circle K locations will be presenting free hot or iced coffee in any size today.
  • Cloudburst Coffee: Cloudburst is also offering a 15% off discount with the code "15CLOUDBURST" until October 3.
  • COBA: Enjoy 15% off COBA acquisitions from until October 6 with the code "COFFEE"
  • Dunkin': Get a welcome medium hot or iced coffee with any purchase at Dunkin' locations nationwide.
  • Eight O'Clock Coffee: Get a free Keurig K- Duo Coffee Maker with coffee orders of $150 or more.
  • GODIVA: Today, clienteles will receive 30% off coffee bags at GODIVA Boutiques.
  • Golden Ratio: Buy two bags, get one 50% off with code "CoffeeDay50" at checkout.
  • High Brew Coffee: At 2 p.m. in each time zone, you can go to the High Brew website or the brand's Instagram stories to download a coupon for one free 8-ounce can of High Brew. The coupon will be legal at any retailer that carries High Brew Coffee, including Kroger, Target, and Whole Foods.
  • Humblemaker Coffee: Use the code "COFFEEDAY50" today, and you can get 50% off all coffee Humblemaker Coffee orders.
  • Instacart: Spend $22 on select Maxwell House and Gevalia Coffee foodstuffs and save $5 or unlock free delivery. This offer is valid until November. You can also get $1.50 off select Eight O'Clock Coffee products until the end of the year.
  • Jack in the Box: Get a welcome steady hot or iced coffee with any app purchase today.
  • Krispy Kreme: All Krispy Kreme customers can get a free brewed coffee today, but Krispy Kreme Rewards followers will get a free brewed coffee and one free doughnut of their choice.
  • MAPCO: All MAPCO guests can relish one free 16-ounce cup of MAPCO Feel Good coffee today.
  • McConnell's Fine Ice Cream: McConnell's is presenting a gratis Chameleon Cold Brew with any flavor purchase or the selection to upgrade to a Cold Brew Ice Cream Float at no extra cost at all Scoop Shop locations today.
  • Peet's Coffee: Peet's Coffee is offering 25% off coffee beans in its coffee bars and online when you use the promo code "COFFEEDAY20."
  • Pilot Flying J: Guests can clutch a free cup of any hot or cold Pilot coffee in any size on through the Pilot Flying J app today.
  • Sheetz: This suitability store and coffee shop chain is offering a free cold brew to any customer who orders through the Sheetz app. This bargain is decent for any size, and any flavor at all 611 Sheetz locations across the Mid-Atlantic.
  • Starbucks: Today, Starbucks Rewards members who directive a handcrafted beverage size grande or larger using the order ahead and pay feature in the Starbucks app will obtain a free drink loaded to their account for use on their following visit. The free drink coupon will be valid through October 6, 2020, at contributing Starbucks locations.
  • Tearpressa Tea: Teaspressa is offering 20% off all merchandises purchased online. The discount is valid through October 4. Just use the promo code "COFFEEDAY" at checkout.
  • The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is generous guests free regular size coffee (16 ounces) with a purchase of any food or bakery item over $2.
  • Verve Coffee Roasters: In addition to donating 10% of its online revenue to the Coffee Kids organization, which supports and provides resources for upcoming coffee farmer generations, Verve is also presenting a giveaway, in which 10 winners will be selected from shoppers who place an order on The $50 to $70-value giveaways will consist of coffee and merchandise products.

Production and price of Kopi Luwak

Being that the Palm civet is a wild animal, it's a lot difficult to collect the droppings for the production in a commercial quantity. The animal is not as many as fish in the waters to offer massive droppings. Hence, seed collection is not predictable or regulated. And many farmers have joined the production due to high demand; this has also raised more competition to force nearby countries; Philippines and Thailand into Kopi Luwak production.

About 1100 lbs or 500 kg of beans are collected annually from the wild Luwak in the entire countries. This leaves farmers in a tight condition to meet up with the growing demand, forcing civet farming, where the animals are confined (usually in bad condition) for the precious stones in their droppings. The shy wild animals are caged and forced to feed on a regular meal; coffee cherries.

An estimation of about 50 tons of Kopi Luwak coffee is produced from the civet farms annually. But consumers insist that the wildly sourced coffee beans have more quality since the animals are not forced on low quality coffee cherries.

The scarcity of Kopi luwak has been a major drive to its cost. Some analysts would suggest that civet farming is helpful in bringing down the cost somehow, despite the negative values. The question is, if the entire market has 500kg annually, how much do you think a pound of the world's most expensive coffee cost?

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