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Women make Better Leaders, here’s why
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women make better leaders

Do women make better leaders than men? Many people think so, due to some of the qualities that men lack. Even if they do, the number of females at the executive positions in giant companies is really low as compared to their male counterparts.

If women make better leaders than men, what could be the reason? Here’s what:

#Communication Skills

Women have better soft skills than men and they are aware of how to apply it in the corporate world. Better communication is a must have when it comes to leading a company or a team, and women leaders are better at it than men. Women are great listeners and that helps them to better relate to employees’ and customers’ problems or concerns. Women tend to be more discussion oriented while men prefer actions over words. Being a better communicator helps build stronger relationships and establish trust with employees and customers.


Women have a natural tendency to work by collaborating with others. Women like to work in a team, share ideas among team members and find a solution that will be in favour of everyone in the team. Men are habituated to direct everyone as alpha leaders while women leaders are harmony builders and take the approach of beta leaders, which is more effective leadership style of the modern age.

#Business Ethics

Women have stronger business ethics than men which make them better at some point in time. They also consider rights of others and acknowledge their efforts which are part of their ethical choices. Such ethical behavior is highly valued by employees in any company. Women have a high emotional intelligence (EQ) which is a trait found in the best leaders of the world.


Women are far more patient than men and as a result, they don’t rush into decisions. Hurried decisions may not prove to be good for company’s growth in some of the cases. Women are willing to wait longer and dig deeper before jumping to conclusions or making decisions. Even when they say that some company has achieved an overnight success, it takes them almost a decade to reach that position. Winners are those who are patient enough to take small steps towards a specific goal.

#Motivating others

Women are really good at encouraging others, appreciating efforts, and giving rewards, so employees who work with women managers are more engaged than those who are supervised by male managers.

Now that you know that women make better leaders, it’s time for all the women to take charge and show their leadership skills to the world.

Happy Women’s Day!

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