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Why Shop With Humans When You Have Humanoid Robots as Helping Maids?

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Robotic Maids

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Humanoid robots are a rage in China. There are a few Chinese individuals who love flaunting their obsession for humanoid robots as their concierges, Robotic Maids, to be precise.

For instance, a restaurant in Guizhou’s Guiyang City has adopted the concept of using humanoid robots as their waiter staff.

Well, as we move past this piece of information, it certainly looks like the trend of going on a shopping spree with humans have faded with time. The advancement in technology has reached a point where individuals prefer ‘NOT’ being accompanied by ‘any form of Human’, but Humanoid Robots (let’s say Robotic Maids).

No friend, no family, no child, no bodyguard, no one at all to accompany you to shopping. Just robots, flaunting your purchases by carrying them in their hands, that’s it. How awkward does this sound to you?

It may sound awkward to you, but for a certain man in China, it’s an extravagant show-off, which he certainly seems to enjoy. The mainland China’s clubs of nouveau riche never miss any opportunity to flaunt their hefty bank balance, in the form of designer clothes, supercars, lavish homes, and jewelry.

Humanoid Robots

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A middle-aged man in China who is claimed as the part of the nouveau riche circle of China hit the headlines due to his show-off of robots as his maids. The man was photographed in Guangzhou while on a shopping spree escorted by 8 robotic maids who were dressed in a typical maid dress. He certainly looks like riding the giant wave of artificial intelligence-powered robot culture.

Chinese media are calling him openly a ‘tuhao’, which is a commonly used Chinese slang to describe individuals who overnight turn out as rich, but display a lack of good taste and ethics, 'nouveau riche' as we call it.

In the pictures posted online, we can notice this ‘tuhao’ selecting gold jewelry at the counter of a jewelry shop. While he looks like having a pleasant time, the robotic maids, on the other hand, wait patiently behind carrying a coat, towel, and water in their hands. As soon as he’s done with his shopping, the humanoid robots dressed in maid outfit follow him attentively.

Locals and the online public are commenting that only such individuals can enjoy services catered to them in this way. One individual mockingly made a comment that he wondered if the only son of the richest man in China can get similar robotic service.

People from all over the world have heavily criticized the man for his uncultured, crass behavior.

Of course, robots are a miracle of science and technology, similar to a non-living being, but using them in an insulting manner is not good at all.

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