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Why Entrepreneurs Burn Out?

Burn out should be a wake-up for entrepreneurs whose calendars are filled with mounting overtime.
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Entrepreneurs wear many hats to ensure their business runs smoothly and profitably. But this often creates an obstacle in achieving work-life balance. Modern-day entrepreneurs report long hours, little or no vacation and giving up hobbies, according to a survey by CIBC.

This is partly because today’s businesses scale much faster, much swifter than they once did. Entrepreneurs are responsible to tap new and passing opportunities and deploy new products within a tight timeline in this ever-changing world.

Why Entrepreneurs Face Burn Out

Every entrepreneur works hard and smart so that their organization goals are achieved. However, many entrepreneurs burnout in a very short span of time. Following is why entrepreneurs burn out.

why entrepreneurs burnout


Entrepreneurs who have a high tendency towards showcasing obsessive passion towards work are more prone to face and experience burnout than others who showcase harmonious passion.  The obsessive passionate entrepreneur put into their emotions, applies physical stress and makes excessive use of their mental ability. This leads to anxiety, stress, blood pressure and various other health issues and problems.  Such obsessive entrepreneurs lose the comfort of their life; do not take essential sleep and falls victim of depression.


An entrepreneur who is facing boredom with their daily work is at high risk to face burnout. The daily tasks, recurring issues, never-ending responsibilities and increasing pressure of target accomplishment could lead to burnout in the entrepreneur. They might feel that their work is taking them away from their personal life and thus feel distracted at work and suffer from boredom.


An entrepreneur who develops the wrong passion also faces burnout. Some entrepreneurs are observed to develop a passion for earning more and more wealth. This passion takes them to new limits where their physical health, mental stability, and personal life suffer. In such a case if the desired target of earning more wealth is not achieved then the entrepreneurs feel burnout. On the other hand, if the target is achieved than also the greed of earning yet more money will continue to add to the burnout.


An entrepreneur who finds it difficult to delegate their roles and responsibilities to others easily fall the convict of burnout. Some entrepreneur feels that they are the best task performers and hesitate to designate their roles and responsibilities to other employees. This leads to an increase in pressure over the entrepreneur and thus other responsibilities associated with the entrepreneur face a setback.


An entrepreneur who is suffering from personal level emotional issues faces burnout. They lose their interest in work and tend to think throughout the day. Such an entrepreneur loses control over the management and business performance outcomes. This increases the number of issues at work which soon goes out of control and becomes the cause of burnout for the entrepreneur.


Entrepreneurs who have higher expectations from their business face burnout. Although every entrepreneur wants that his business should grow and flourish at a steady pace, however, some entrepreneurs showcase higher expectations and low patience. It should be noted here that of 10 of the new business set up made in the Silicon Valley in the United States, 9 of them fails and only 1 of them continues to grow and expand. Therefore the result is the rise in the pressure over the entrepreneur over a period of time, resulting in affecting his mental, physical and financial ability to sustain himself and the business as well. Thus over expectations could also lead to burnout.


Entrepreneurs who do not keep a balance between professional life and personal life often face burnout. The entrepreneur who skips away their food, daily exercise, sleep, holidays and physical rest all for work usually faces burnout. These entrepreneurs give their complete physical, mental and emotional self to their work. However, ups and downs are part of life and such occurrences in business severely affect these entrepreneurs. The result is burnout is faced by these entrepreneurs which lead to the development of serious health issues. Such an entrepreneur soon loses their ability to perform well and find themselves near to retirement very soon.

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