Whisk in a little of the World’s Most Expensive Whiskeys

The work you have done demands that you now take out time for yourself. Indulge in the most expensive whiskeys we bring to you this holiday season.

You know you have done enough in life when you no longer have to look at your bank balance to buy anything of your liking. ‘Industry Leaders’ understands your lifestyle and tastes. We make sure to put in our best efforts so that you get nothing short of the best. Since you have done everything you can this year, you need something to soothe those tired nerves.

Now nothing speaks better of royalty and class than fine malt with an exceptional taste. A neat whiskey can be ‘just the thing you need’ to get you into a light-hearted mood after a ‘dog-day-afternoon.’ We know your board meetings and business trips can be very taxing, so we take the effort of bringing you only that which is worthy to be poured in your crystal.

Be sure of these regulated spirits to hoist your spirits. We bring you the most prestigious collection of the luxurious whiskeys to get you to at least buy on one of them. Served to you are the most expensive whiskeys on a golden platter. Go ahead because there is nothing like the right time to splurge on sheer extravaganzas.

Isabella’s Islay

Price: $6,200,000

The costliest whiskey in the world comes especially for you in two editions. The original one comes with a bottle studded with 8,500 diamonds, around 300 rubies and two bars of white gold. This blend oozes from royalty that is worth every penny. This imperial malt comes all the way from the United Kingdom, made in the Luxury Beverage Company. Imagine what a wonderful gift it would make for your significant other. While your precious gets the jewels and rubies, your lips get to touch the richest and the most exquisite malt in the world.

The whiskey is comprised of the rarest and the highest quality of ingredients. The malt for the special editions is 30 years old, granting the rich taste built in the casks that mature them.

The Macallan M

Price: $628,205

The Macallan M is considered to be one of the most prominent whiskeys in the world. It was last auctioned in Hong Kong for the price that has been mentioned above. The vintages that are made use of are about 25 to over 75 years old and aged in Spanish Oak. The reason behind the whiskey being so dear is because it is made in fine crystal which took 17 crafters to design and create. The 6-liter bottle is becoming a rarity and one can only expect its price to rise higher by the day. So before that happens, get yourself this expensive wine and drink to a better year.

The minute you pour it in your crystal glass, you are taken in by the surprise aroma of candy sweetness. Along with it you can also sense the hints of spices and ginger. Your palate is left craving for that zesty taste of the raisins. You also get to savor fruits like green apples and ripe oranges, a bit of woodiness and that little bubblegum sweetness. Once these complex layers dance across your tongue, let it slide down easy and get ready to take the second sip which will be a bit spicier with a dash of the smoky essence. After you have emptied the exquisite scotch down your throat, the velvety finish of those fruits keep making you crave for more. No wonder they call it the ‘Ultimate Macallan.’

Glenfiddich Janet Sheed Roberts Reserve

Price: $525,724

Janet Sheed Roberts lived to be the oldest woman in Scotland at one time. To celebrate the number of decades that she lived, Glenfiddich only, made 11 such magnum opus. The incredibly rare 55-year old bottle was auctioned at a charity which went for the whopping amount of over $5 million.

The pale gold color reminds us of the autumn barley. The aromas of violets mix with the orange blossoms to give it a delicate whiff. But when you breathe in deep you will notice subtle hints of toasted almond and smoke. You are initially hit with the tastes of vanilla cream and gentle smokiness, but that is then counterbalanced with sweet oaks. If you go on to add just a few drops of water to it, the zesty orange flavors are released and they spread through your mouth. The taste that it leaves behind stays longer and is quite sweet.

The Macallan 64

Price: $464,000

The whiskey has been treated from 3 different casks built from Spanish oak. The 64-year Scotch is poured into an elegant decanter at the Speyside distillery. The bottle is designed by a crystal artist named Lalique. The crystal vessel was made using the lost wax method, or as they call it ‘Lalique Cire Perdue.’ The Macallan 64 is exactly what every scotch-lover needs and craves for. The reason why it has made it to the top of the list is because of the price at which it was sold at a charity auction in New York. The money is to help developing countries get clean drinking water.

The dark walnut colored malt has ABV of 46.3%. The balanced smell comes from the of Madagascan vanilla pods dipped in honey, and the Moroccan dates. The whiskey incorporates the tastes of cocoa beans, black pepper and cloves which adds spice to the composition. After you are done with your drink you will still be able to feel the rich flavors of honey and dark chocolate, giving you an experience of a perfect ending.

Dalmore 64 Trinitas

Price: $160,000

Dalmore 64 Trinitas is a representation of a perfect trinity of class, taste and perfection. But the reason for it to be called Trinitas was because Dalmore only could make three bottles of this priceless whiskey. Considered a true masterpiece it is hardly talked about outside ad one is not sure whether they are still on sale or not

This exquisite mahogany, when smelt consists of an amalgamation of orange peel and patchouli whiffs. This chocolate-colored malt also incorporates a hint of violets and myrtle. On touching your lips, you can taste the blood oranges, freshly roasted Colombian coffee, fleshy figs and peaches. Hints of black forest fruits will also register once you move it in your mouth. And on the way to your final sips you shall also be able to get a slight flavor of the juicy apples and spicy cinnamon.

Yamazaki 50-Year-Old Single Malt

Price: $129,000

Over a million dollars, the Yamazaki is considered one of the costliest whiskeys in the world. The malt comes all the way from Japan, made in the Suntory distillery. The Yamazaki whiskey is the signature single malt of the company. According to them, it is, “multi-layered with fruits and Mizunara aromas.” For those who would want to taste this mystic drink but cannot shell out that much, there is also 25 year, 18 year and 12-year vintages available. The 50-year old bottle is also considered to be the rarest bottle in the world. The single malt whiskey is also a part of the Japanese history. The oak has been matured for more than half a century to give it the depth that makes it so fine. Yamazaki has only come out with 150 bottles of the paradise.

The golden colored drink gives out the fragrance of cherries, strawberries and the Japanese oak (Mizunara). As soon as it settles on the tongue you can get the flavors of white peach and raspberry with just a tinge of coconut that adds to the zest. Your mouth will go through some emotions of their own once it settles down. After you are done with your drink, the taste of vanilla and cinnamon will still play around in your tongue giving you the pleasure of having one of the most expensive whiskeys.

What to take care of while buying the costliest whiskeys

By now we are sure you might have narrowed down on your preferences. But before you go further, we would like to help you out a bit. No one is ever perfect and so there are mistakes that some buyers commit while buying their spirits. Since these malts are high-priced, we want you to get you perfect bled, according to your fondness. So please hear us out before you finalize on what you plan on taking away.

The first thing that needs to be kept in mind is, buy something that appeals your taste buds and don’t root for something because it is aged. Since you are the one who will be lucky enough to taste those exquisites, always opt for something you know you will be fond of. So if you are interested in something fruity and sweet, not chocolaty and charred, then you could go in for a malt like Macallan M.

Secondly, never mix your drinks with either water or ice. Whiskies need to be had in their original form so that you get to savor all the ingredients. Adding anything else might ruin its strong and compelling flavors leaving it to be less punchy and more diffused.

Now that you know what you need, all you have to do is get one for your worrisome nerves to soothe them. If you think they are too costly now, think twice. It is at least less expensive than what it will be in the near future. Celebrate your holiday season with friends and family by giving them the best that there ever is. You deserve to be happy and so do what makes you happy. Be more generous and pamper yourself by gifting a limited edition malt. You know you want that one sip of exclusivity. Then go on! Get your lips to kiss something that will make you want more. You’ve earned enough to possess the pride of owning the costliest whiskey.

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