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What will the looming U.S Government shut-down mean in real-terms?

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Harry Reid v/s John Boehner: the looming U.S Government shut-down

Harry Reid v/s John Boehner: the looming U.S Government shut-down

While President of the United States, Barack Obama, continues to be hopeful about avoiding a government shut-down by lawmakers arriving at a last-minute deal today, he announced after meeting with John Boehner, the House Speaker, and Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader that there were still some unresolved differences between the Democrats and the Republicans.

However, the two parties have reportedly narrowed their differences and given Obama reason to be hopeful about averting a possible shutdown by reaching an agreement by midnight Friday.

“I’m not yet prepared to express wild optimism but I think we are further along,” Obama said in a public statement. “My hope is, is that I’ll be able to announce to the American people sometime relatively early in the day that a shutdown has been averted.”

If no agreement is reached by this deadline, the U.S Government would begin shutting down post-midnight on Friday for the first time in 15 years.

Saying that if unresolved, this deadlock “could severely hamper the recovery and job growth.”, President Obama added that “ We've been working very hard over the last two years to get this economy back on its feet... For us to go backwards because Washington couldn't get its act together is unacceptable.”

Effects of the Shutdown

What would this mean in real terms to American citizens?

To start with, about 800,000 federal employees could be made redundant without pay. Additionally, the shutdown could see hundreds of other agencies downsizing operations or closing down altogether resulting in a host of government services getting withdrawn.

At a public amenities level, Washington libraries and National parks would close, rubbish collection would stop for a week, refunds for people filing paper tax returns would not be processed, neither would most passport applications, and government permits would be unavailable.

In terms of how the shutdown would affect salary processing for “essential” government employees, unless Congress changes the law elected officials like Obama, Boehner and Reid, would be paid as usual, while soldiers, officials with the police force and others whose jobs are considered “essential” would continue to earn through the shutdown, but their paychecks would not be processed until the deadlock between the lawmakers is resolved.

What brought on the shutdown?

Differences between the two sides started with disagreement over deficit reduction, and now seem to have turned into an impasse over policy regulations that might not even be indirectly related to the budget deficit.

The disagreement between the two lawmakers started with the Republicans demanding a $40bn (£24bn) cut in the federal budget to which the Democrats responded by making a compromised offer of $34.5bn on Wednesday.

The Democrats have until now refused to give way over the areas of differences i.e., abortion programmes and environmental protection, where the Republicans want cuts.

Expressing skepticism on the manner in which the differences have evolved, Reid, from the Democratic front, said on Thursday: "The numbers are basically there. But I'm not nearly as optimistic – and that's an understatement – as I was 11 hours ago. The numbers are extremely close. Our differences are no longer over how much savings we get on government spending."

This however was contradicted by the Republican front, with an even grimmer picture presented, when representatives from Boehner’s office stated that there wasn’t even agreement on the numbers.

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  • Ginger Cofer says:

    Do not use my tax dollars to fund abortions thru Planned Parenthood or any other federally funded program. Clinton tried to provide abortions by military doctors to military soldiers during his administration and the military said NO. This is not an issue of womens right to abortions. Its my right to not have to pay for something I consider murder.

    • Kristie says:

      What? As far as I know, you have to pay between 350-650 to get an abortion at planned parenthood. That doesn’t sound like tax payers are helping out. o.O

      • Josie says:

        Did you even read the article? tard. It even says that we fund abortion clinics in the article. That’s for you being illiterate.
        Hope you can at least make out what I typed.

      • monica says:

        Correct you have to pay cash, visa, credit card, or use insurance to pay for an abortion at planned parenthood. Even if a patient receives federal funding for their office visit, that funding DOES NOT cover abortion services.

    • Max Morrisey says:

      Since when do you get to directly choose what your taxes pay for? Whether it is Abortions, War, tax cuts for the rich, welfare, Roads or whatever, it gets paid for because it is deemed necessary.. Personally I consider the death penalty murder and the state of some of our prisons as tantamount to torturous (and likely unconstitutional..), is it my right not to have to pay for those things?

  • Kristin says:

    Why do the elected officials continue to get paid as usual, their salaries alone would pay for all the employees being laid off, while people like THE POLICE will not be getting paid until this is all resolved. Call me crazy but I would rather have the people keeping us safe getting paid before the lazy’s up on capital hill.

  • Angela says:

    And once again our goverment is looking at there best interest and once again are’t dealing with any of the down falls of this act, hey elected officals keep cashing your pay check, hope it feels good

  • Josie says:

    Abortion is your choice, and I don’t care; however, making me pay taxes that fund these abortion clinics is so stupid.

    Anyone who wants an abortion should pay for it by themself.

    Second of all, these house members don’t care about their people (us). They care about themselves.
    They could throw us a dollar here!

    • Max Morrisey says:

      Having access to healthcare, especially abortions made reliant on someone having the cash to do it is absurd. Do you really think that someone who can’t afford an abortion can afford to bring up a kid? Where do you think that child ends up? What sort of life would that child have? If you have a moral issue against abortion then fine, that’s up to you, but surely the practical position to take is the one that ensures that people with a different moral outlook to you are still able to access something that could change their life and, in the long run save them and society at large a whole hell of a lot of hassle

      • Chandra McCafferty says:

        So you’re saying it’s okay to commit murder just to avoid “some hassle”??? Have you ever heard of adoption? There are a lot of people who want to adopt children and can afford to give said children good, loving homes. Think about it…
        Chandra McCafferty

      • Chandra McCafferty says:

        Furthermore, I don’t think it’s right for those who can not afford to raise a child to use abortion as birth control. Do you???

  • ub says:

    M.Morrisey, thanks for being a realist.
    I generally do not reply, but THANK YOU. Also we act like this is the very first government shutdown that happen in history. I wonder why?
    Some of the things that we are worried about if the government does shut down are so elementary.
    And yes, I will be directly affected by the shut down financially, but I am not taking things out of perspective
    We also need to enlighten ourselves on things that has been happening for years and we let it get out of control and said nothing, but woke up today and decided this is the day to B—h about it for whatever reason.
    Some of these comment amazes me they are so thoughtless.

    • Lynn says:

      Yeah, and your thoughtless comment is at the top of the heap of thoughtless comments. Abortion is M-U-R-D-E-R. Period. It’s NOT a form of birth control for those who can’t control their libido (or morals) and behave like animals.

  • Vincent says:

    We should have abortions take place solely in hospitals that way we still have the abortion service, with privacy guaranteed, and we save money on the clinics. Everyone wins that way.

    The problem is that American people needed to wake up to these issues YESTERDAY. You act like it’s shocking news that this would happen when you know things have been messed up all along and have done nothing. It’s time to quit being passive aggressive and fight for what you believe in, the ultimate right as an American.

    • Vincent says:

      I forgot about Title X, abortions aren’t even allowed to be federally funded. Hahaha. Title X provides for 30% of planned parenthood’s funds and won’t even stop providing the service to people that want it. I’m not sure some of you even know what you’re fighting for or arguing about when you’re misinformed.

      But guess who is getting most affected by this… women. Women have the choice of allowing a fetus to become a life or not. Unfortunately, this is a male dominated world and it’s upsetting to give women such control. At the end of the day, this is what we’re fighting for, women having the power and authority over life. A woman having a baby she doesn’t want when she’s financially, emotionally, physically or mentally incapable of supporting it will only keep her down. It’s 2011, let’s get past this, maybe having more independent women will help our economy. The men running our economy sure have done a great job so far, look at where we are now.

  • antdoggg says:

    they should not take taxes for planned parent hood because it is not right for citizen having to pay for something that is not neccesaryy

  • Krazinsky says:

    US government shutting down even for a day is not a very good news for sure. Though the shut down has been averted for now, I feel that it is going to be back soon.

  • Lynn says:

    Let the guberment shut down. It’s WAYYYY TOO BIGGG anyway. I can haul my trash (I have to anyway, along with paying the city a ridiculous garbage dump “fee” annually)and none of their other “services” do anything to benefit me, only to make my bring home pay much smaller, while funding all the illegals to get “free” healthcare, welfare and other benefits that should only be for legal citizens. The whole structure of government is corrupt from the top down. It is under the complete control of a cabal of banking families who start all the wars via false flag staged events, then print (funny money) out of thin air and loan it out to all sides charging them interest. They then steal vital resources such as oil, drugs, etc. AND become filthy rich off the ignorance of mankind. They wave cash bribes under the noses of the government leaders thereby keeping them under their thumbs and the rest of the people suffer. They consider us “useless eaters, parasites and goyim” and fantasize about culling the entire population of the world down to about 500 million people to serve as their slaves and “breeders”. Abortion is a covert form of satanic human sacrifice (the Biblical equivalent of sacrificing infants to Molech) and so is war. It serves two purposes: to enrich these vipers as well as to cull the population. “Soldiers are nothing but dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy.” Henry Kissinger (one of the top lackeys of the satanic “elite”). Worldly governments are nothing more than puppets of these “elite” families (Rothschilds, Rockefellers, DuPonts, Harriman’s, DeBeers, Stewarts, Windsors, Bundy’s, etc. etc.) Politicians are nothing but pawns, just like soldiers and just like the controlled media.

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