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What Makes A Good Leader and Manager

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A good leader has to be a good manager, but not all good managers become good leaders. Confusing, not at all, nor is it a correlation theory.

Leadership is associated with dynamism, self-aggrandizement, power, and zeal. A manager is the overseer, the plodder who sees that things get done. He is the bridge between the people who strategies and the ones who execute the strategy. With leaders associated with a lot of dynamism and charisma, there is a dichotomy between a leadership role and a managerial role.

Leaders and managers are now seen as antagonistic, rather than complementary: “A leader is the one who can outline the broad vision and the direction, and say here’s where we are going to go, here’s why we need to go there, and here’s how we are going to get there. A manager is the one who actually gets up under the hood and tunes the carburetor,” says a management guru.

Good Leaders Need To Be Competent Managers

The conventional definition of a manager is one who gets work done through people, but a good manager is one who develops talents in people through work.

Hiring a good manager is essential for a leader. If not, a company is bound to lose good people and talent. There are many researches that say that nearly 60 percent of people who leave jobs they like is because of a bad boss/manager. There are many top leadership qualities that a good leader and a manager share.

Both need to be sincere and honest. If a manager is shortchanging a company and taking shortcuts, then his team is going to be the same. People who are unhappy with the management style will move to a different department or leave.


They are good at conveying what is expected of the team. When setting expectations, they define the right outcomes and not only the steps. They are approachable and affable. The team members are comfortable bringing their problems to a manager. Not only issues, but any new ideas, processes, and innovations are also welcomed. There is a structure in place where roles of the team members are defined, discussed, and changed.

A good leader actually should have the added quality of being able to spot a good manager to carry out the above tasks. They show appreciation of good work done: This improves productivity within a team. Recognition can be in the form of monetary reward, a pat on the back through social media, and team cheer.


Manage by trust and not fear: Do not use power to control a team. Be willing to listen and solve problems.

Decisiveness and clarity are desirable in both managers and leaders. A manager conveys clearly the purpose of the team and what needs to be achieved. The steps to that achievement should be left for the team to decide. S/He is the voice of reason and acts as the sounding board. They are just not facilitators.

When things get tough, they are proactive. Listen and give assistance if needed. They do not prejudge and challenge and question their own assumptions.


A good leader keeps the motivation of the team-high. Involvement and ownership in the task foster productivity and development. They are fair and create opportunities for development and betterment for the deserving.

A manager that micromanages is building a lazy team. If people feel they have someone looking over their shoulders constantly, then performance is hindered. Managers should not micromanage and should let the team find its feet and develop at its own pace. A good manager spreads positivity and camaraderie. People are eager to come to work when they are a part of a good team; There is a sense of achievement. Remember, employees do not quit a job; they quit a manager.

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