Want a Burger with Extra Cheese? Tell Flippy the Burger Robot
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The battle between robots and manual labor just got a pitch higher. Humans have considered robots generated through artificial intelligence a major threat to their jobs. At such a time, we humans reassured ourselves thinking that the scope of work done by robots will be limited. A recent innovation in the robotic field has jeopardized all such reassurances. Who would have thought that robots will be flipping patties in the kitchen? Well, the scenario created in your head through this statement has come true. A food joint in California has robots making burgers for you. So if you want your burger patty to be a little crispy than the usual, simply instruct Flippy the burger robot about the same.

Flipping burgers may look like a fun thing to do but it has its consequences. Depending on the amount of oil used, it may slip due to greasiness or cause a burn on the cook. These are some of the common hazards that take place within the confines of the kitchen. Despite such drawbacks, burgers literally sell like ‘hot cakes’ in almost all corners of the world. Statistics claim that top burger chains made more than $75.5 billion in annual sales in 2016. This means that with the invention of Flippy the burger robot, money spent on hiring chefs at various burger joints can be reduced. Simultaneously, it will also cut down on the job opportunities of humans.

Flippy the burger robot

Flippy the burger robot will work at various outlets of CaliBurger.

How does Flippy the burger robot work

The tech startup Miso Robotics first came up with the concept of Flippy the burger robot and later worked upon it. Its CEO and co-founder David Zito stated that the startup focuses on the implementation of artificial intelligence and automation in the everyday tasks of life. The aim was to solve the problems faced at a food joint or a restaurant. This is because standing by the stove and doing the same activity can be dull and boring. At the same time, it is dangerous to work on the grill, fryer, or even a vegetable chopper. With the use of a robot for culinary actions, it will drastically reduce the mishaps that take place in the kitchen. One can replace the arm of a robot, but the same can’t be done for a human.

The Californian quick service restaurant, CaliBurger provided funds to Miso Robotics to work on this robotic kitchen assistant. It excels in Californian style burgers and currently operates in 12 countries. But now CaliBurger has decided to expand its reach across the globe with the help of Flippy the burger robot. A major drawback of this invention is that it will affect around 2.3 million cooks who are employed currently. All we can do is hope that artificial intelligence is for the betterment of humans and not to steal our source of bread and butter.

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