Voyage Autonomous Taxi claims to Win the Autonomous Car Race within Five Years
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Towards the end of 2016, an online learning service Udacity offered a training course on creating self-driving cars. The course which would cost the students $2,400 was launched keeping in mind the expansion of the field of autonomous cars. The company aims at benefitting by participating in the potential boosts of such cars in the Silicon Valley. The company thoroughly trained such engineers and gained immense popularity within a few months. It is now all set to harness this talent and launch an autonomous taxi company. Voyage autonomous taxi has set a goal for itself to launch such a taxi for the laymen within five years.

This is not the first time when a startup of the Silicon Valley has claimed to get autonomous cars on the road soon. But hardly any of them have adhered to their statements. Most of them release news after a few weeks of the announcement about the delay in the launch due to technical faults. Even well-established companies like Uber, Tesla, and Google have not been able to keep up to their words. But Voyage confidently states that it will beat all these companies in the race for self-driving cars. It assures that it will not delay the launch of the Voyage autonomous taxi and will very soon be available to the public and not just for tests on the road.

How will the Voyage autonomous taxi keep its promise?

The CEO of Voyage autonomous taxi, Oliver Cameron announced this news on his official Twitter handle. He has raised the level of excitement among auto enthusiasts by stating that the pictures of these self-driving cars will be out soon. This has intrigued people to stay glued to his profile for further information. Cameron believes that Voyage will live up to its words with the help of a ‘maturing ecosystem’. This system gives the company the advantage of simply adding autonomous systems to the existing vehicles. The company will not need to build cars from scratch. This will help it save a considerable amount of time as well as money.

Voyage autonomous taxi aims to stand out from its competitors like Uber and Lyft. This is by giving customers facilities like setting destinations through voice commands, adding additional stops, and also controlling music playback in the same manner. The company has not yet specified the market it aims to target first. But news suggests that it will begin its test rides with the passengers within the next few months itself. Udacity will have a considerable stake in Voyage as a result of a deal between both the companies. Voyage received funding from organizations such as Charles River Ventures, Initialized Capital, and Khosla Ventures.

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