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Verizon Wireless Planning to Push Excessive Unlimited Data Users to Tiered Plans

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According to a report from Droid-Life, Verizon Wireless is preparing to change the way some of its unlimited data plan subscribers use its network. The carrier has since the past few years have been trying to get those subscribers who are still under the 4G LTE unlimited data plan to switch over to a tiered plan if they use over 100GB in a single month. However, in spite of its efforts, many of them still continue with these plans. The company will soon begin disconnecting grandfathered unlimited data users that consume an extraordinary amount of data.

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The carrier has announced that they are currently in the process of notifying users that use in excess of 100GB of data per month warning them that they will be disconnected from the service. They do have an option to switch to the new plan if they still want to stay with the carrier or let their accounts be closed. Those subscribers will start getting notices from the carrier that their accounts have been flagged and they will have to opt for different plans if they want to remain with the carrier.

Verizon wireless is now planning to roll out a new plan, its 100GB plan for those users who use a massive amount of data. However, the plan cost almost $450 a month though that’s meant to be shared among a large pool of people.

The wireless carrier has increased overall prices of data plans but reduced the per-gigabyte data price. Under the new pricing structure, its small data pack is set to double to 2 gigabytes for an additional $5 per month; the medium plan will increase from 3 GB to 4 GB and from $45 to $50; the large plan will grow from 6 GB to 8 GB and increase in price from $60 to $70; the extra-large plan from 12 GB to 16 GB and a $10 price increase to $90; and the extra, extra large plan from 18 GB to 24 GB with a price surge from $100 to $110.

Subscribers who get notified will have the option to move to a tiered plan by August 31 or the carrier will shut down their line, though they will still have the ability to re-activate their lines within 50 days of being disconnected. However, these users will only be able to re-activate on a new plan.

Carriers that provide unlimited data plans are in a tight spot. Promising unlimited data has been used as a lure to bring in more subscribers without having to worry about limits. But few users have taken undue advantage of that feature by using an excessive amount of data, which impacts the carrier's network.

The changes made to the unlimited data plan will only affect a very small percentage of Verizon's customer base. Less than one percent of all subscribers have an unlimited plan, and even fewer use more than 100 GB per month.

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