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Uber Secret Software spied on Competitor Lyft’s drivers

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As soon as the mention of Uber pops up in the news section, it does not come as a surprise anymore as it’s been a controversial topic of discussion for a while now. Just when we thought that Uber was on the track for mending its ways, something new has come up. And this piece of information definitely isn’t something the cab-hailing giant will be proud of. You might have read somewhere last month that Uber had got into trouble for using a secret program which would block suspicious users. Well, now it has come up with an Uber Secret Software which keeps a close eye on the company’s competitive rivals.

A layman would be well-aware about the global popularity of Uber and how it comes in handy when needed. Despite this, since a number of mishaps took place at the company, it got insecure about its global position in the market. Therefore it started keeping tabs on its immediate competitive threat, Lyft. The Uber secret software reportedly is known as “Hell” was used in order to keep a track on the cars of its competitors. Lyft is considered to be the biggest threat to U.S. for Uber, as U.S. has one of the largest customer bases. Keeping all these factors in mind, Uber kept a track of the Lyft drivers who also drove for Uber simultaneously. This practice went on from the year 2014 to 2016.

Uber secret software

Uber used a secret software to spy on its rival Lyft.

What did the Uber secret software do?

The implementation of the Uber secret software began when Uber created numerous fake user profiles. This was to confuse Lyft’s system into believing that these people are waiting at different locations. These fake profiles were set in a grid across the city which would give Uber the entire city’s view. Through this, Uber could also know how many drivers of Lyft are near which location. On an average, the company could see the information of up to Lyft’s eight drivers per one fake profile.

After close scrutiny, Uber noticed that the drivers of Lyft were identified with specific numbered IDs. These numbered IDs never change which is something similar to the token numbers provided to Uber drivers. After identifying these numbered IDs, the Uber secret program experts started keeping tabs on the habit of each driver. On doing so, they realized that there were a number of drivers who were double-apping. This means that they were not only driving for Lyft but also for Uber. Uber then decided to lure the double-appers to drive only for them by giving them more rides. It also gave them a special bonus for reaching the target of a certain number of rides per week. This practice seems to be unfair to those drivers who have been loyal to Uber all these years. On being inquired about this malpractice, Uber’s spokesperson pretended to have his lips sealed.

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