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Uber President Jeff Jones is Quitting the Company in just 6 Months
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It seems as if Uber has stepped into a whirlpool of problems and lows since the beginning of this year. First it faced serious allegations by an employee for sexual harassment; and then it faced a lawsuit from Waymo; Alphabet’s self-driving unit. Former employee of Uber; Susan Fowler has accused Uber for sexual harassment and negligence from the human resource department. Typically a major #DeleteUber campaign took the company by storm as it brought to light appalling revelations including poor cultures and zero employee empathy. After that Uber faced another blow as Google Alphabet’s self-driving unit; Waymo, filed a lawsuit against the California company for stealing its trade secrets.

uber president leaving uber citing differences

Seems like for Uber Technologies Inc.,2017 is not a fair year; as it reportedly faces another major blow. According to the reports on Recode, Uber is now losing its President, Jeff Jones. This comes as major news because Jones joined Uber only six months back. It is said that Jones left the ride sharing company citing differences in the beliefs and approach towards leadership. In a statement that the Ex-President has sent to Recode; he says that his approach and beliefs are not consistent with what he has seen and experienced at Uber; and that he can no more continue being the President.

On the other hand, Uber’s CEO, Travis Kalanick; confirmed this news with a letter addressed to his staff; wherein he has mentioned that this announcement of Jeff Jones leaving Uber done through press is unfortunate; and that he has made an important impact on the company in six months.

uber president jeff jones leaving the company ceo travis kalanick in search of a new coo

Uber's CEO Travis Kalanick

Jones departure comes as a major setback; as he was hinted as a big hire by Uber’s CEO, Travis Kalanick.  Kalanick met Jones at a TED Conference about a year ago, in Vancouver. Jeff Jones joined the ride hailing company as a President, replacing its board member, Ryan Graves. Graves is currently heading UberEverything, Uber’s delivery business.

Not only the President, Uber also saw the loss of its SVP of engineering, Amit Singhal, who is also a former Googler. Amit left the ride sharing business during the end of February. Also, Ed Baker, the VP of product and growth; and Raffi Krikorian, a director at Uber’s self-driving department; have left the company recently. The situation at Uber is deteriorating and it looks like Uber will have to take major steps to build its goodwill in the market again.

Active Search for a New COO at Uber

uber president jeff jones leaving the company admist turmoil

Reports also suggest that CEO, Travis Kalanick is also actively in search of a Chief Operating Officer (COO) for the company. Kalanick publicly mentioned on Uber’s blog that he is in search of a partner who can work with him as a second in-command executive. After a leaked video of Kalanick behaving in an inappropriate manner with a driver; he has apologized for the same. Travis Kalanick has also admitted that he is in need of leadership help; and with the search of a COO, it looks like he is seriously acting upon it.

Seemingly, Uber is caught up in a maelstrom of issues; and it needs to snap out of it soon. CEO Travis Kalanick now has to search for a new president also along with a COO; who can help the ride hailing company to come clean out of the current mess.

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