Uber Hires B-school Professor as a Leadership Advisor
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The ride-hailing giant Uber has been making the headlines for a long time due to all the wrong reasons. Right from the multiple sexual harassment cases to the strikes by drivers, one can rightly say that it has been a bad year for the company. Not only in terms of such controversies, but this negative publicity adversely affected the market price of the company as well. The shares of this company dropped down after a long while. To find a solution of all these different problems, Uber has made a new recruitment. Uber hires a professor from a business school who will join the company to rectify the current leadership policies.

The main issue in this company is that the workplace culture is having many loopholes. As long as the source of the company is not clear in its working style, all the other adjoining sectors will also be haywire. The topmost executives of Uber have finally figured out the reason that is obstructing the company’s success. Therefore the decision that Uber hires a managerial expert is something which the company is in dire need of. For this, Frances Frei has been recruited. Hopefully, she with her ideologies can bring out substantial changes in the workplace culture of Uber.


Uber hires Frances Frei as a full-time SVP of Leadership & Strategy in the company.

Field of expertise of the person Uber hires

Frances Frei is a well-known name in the field of leadership. A part of the prestigious Harvard Business School, she has focused on problems generated through gender inequality in the organization. Therefore she has a firsthand experience of how to deal with the same. In the case of Uber, such an individual is important as gender bias has been taken very casually in the past by the HR team as well. This brought about a lot of negative criticism to the company and it started losing its employees. Frei will try to fix this by providing consultation to the company about how to deal with such matters.

Uber hires Frances Frei not just as a consultant but also a full-time SVP of Leadership & Strategy in the company. She will have to report directly to Travis Kalanick, the Uber CEO. Frei will work in synchronization with the HR chief of the company, Liane Hornsey along with the executive team. This team together will mainly focus on critical areas such as management, efficient leadership, company strategy and planning, organizational design and its transformation. By such measures, the team will try to develop a world-class leadership team which will enhance the work productivity of all the employees.

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