Uber Elevate to Enable Commuting in Air by 2020
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Has it ever happened to you that you are absent-mindedly browsing through the news and the words “flying car” instantly catch your attention? Well if it has, then you aren’t the only one who finds this concept intriguing. The reason behind such an appeal is that we have grown up imagining ourselves in the hi-tech flying cars of the Jetsons or the sturdy one from Harry Potter. Therefore since reports of the innovation of flying cars are doing the rounds, even the smallest information immediately grabs eyeballs. This is what happened in the case of flying taxis as well. One of the most talked about flying car projects is the Uber Elevate. Further information about this project was announced by the cab-hailing giant at an event it recently arranged for the press and potential investors.

The Elevate Summit was held at Dallas in Texas from 25th April to 27th April. These three days were full of information in order to let the world know more about the Elevate mission. The summit also lays emphasis on the company’s role in the betterment of the ecosystem as a result of the use of the electric mechanism. The company invites pros from the fields of aviation technology, venture capital, vehicle manufacturing, and regulatory bodies to join Uber Elevate. Uber believes that such participation plays a crucial role in the progress of this mission. The company has jotted down the kind of technology involved but building that technology will require the expertise of such pros.

Uber Elevate

Uber Elevate will launch flying cars in 2020.

Goals of Uber Elevate

At the Elevate Summit, a number of speakers came up to talk about the mission's goals. These speakers will also contribute to achieving these goals in a systematic manner. Uber has put forward the technological requirements to launch a ride sharing flying car in future. Such flying cars will supposedly be rolled out by the year 2020. In this year, Uber Elevate will conduct the first public demonstration of the electric planes. Notably, these planes will have a specific design to ferry passengers. In order to achieve this target, the company has already partnered with Dubai and Dallas-Forth Worth as its launch partners. The launch of this network of ride-hailing planes will take place during the World’s Fair held in Dubai in 2020.

The Uber Chief Product Officer, Jeff Holden states that this service will be available at the push of a button. The sole vision of Uber Elevate is the building of a network of ride-hailing aircrafts. This mainly consists of the production of a vertical take-off and landing aircraft. Such an aircraft will have software which will make aviation an on-demand facility. The company claims that this mission comes with certain cost advantages. This includes cutting down on the expenditure of building roads, bridges, or tunnels. It will mainly help in reducing the transportation congestion taking place on land. This means of transportation will save time for the commuters at a considerably affordable price. Also, Holden presumes that the cost of this service will be somewhere close to that of UberX.

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