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U.S. Losing To China In The Race For Smart Cities
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A new study, the white paper, ‘Evolution of Smart Cities and Connected Communities’; published by Government Technology, reveals that Asia is rising as a global smart-city leader. This study was co-sponsored by the United Parcel Service (UPS), and Consumer Service Technology Association (CSTA).

The white paper, released earlier this year, in January, at the CES 2017; states that the numbers of smart city projects are increasing globally. Government Technology reports that the 4C’s are vital for the progress of smart cities; namely – Commitment, Community, Collaboration, and Consistency. The ‘Evolution of Smart Cities and Connected Communities’ study mentions that for a flourished future; sustainable and liveable cities around the globe are necessary. A forecast says that by 2050, almost 70 percent of the population will be living in cities.

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Not only does the study put stress on the need for a proper data-based system of infrastructure, for a smart-city; but also the proper unification of other necessities, like buildings, services, health-care, energy, and the involvement of citizens. Although, it also revealed that in fact not many common people are aware of the concept of a smart-city.

Need for Smart Cities

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The need and development for smart cities can be credited to the rising levels of global urbanization, and globalization. For the last three years, i.e. from 2013 end to 2016, the smart city projects have seen an upward graph, globally. While there were 170 projects during the end of 2013, 2016 saw about 235 projects, boosting an approximate rise of 38 percent. This has naturally increased the valuation of smarty city market also. The market which was valued at $14.85 billion during 2015 is expected to be valued at $34.35 billion by the year 2020.

Asian Countries Progressing at Light-Speed

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Government Technology states that reasons like government support, technology advancements, and needs of urbanization; make Asia the center of smart city innovation. Talking about Asia, Singapore, the speediest developing nation, is aiming towards becoming the world’s first smart nation. As a Part of this strategy, Singapore has roped in numerous wireless sensors; helping the nation track almost everything, from the traffic to dustbins, and other issues. Also, for the fulfillment of its Smart Nation 2025 strategy; the nation has joined hands with Philips Lighting for a better street-light management system; amongst other developments to facilitate Singapore with the latest technology.

Other majorly advancing countries like India and China are also progressing towards being smart-nations. Government Technology brings to light, that as per a BMI Research report of 2016; urbanization in India and China has increased to 37 and 65 percent respectively, from that of 33 and 56 percent respectively during 2015.

Asia Emerging as a Global Smart city Leader

asia emerging as smart city leader

Asia is emerging as the center of smart-city innovation, not only owing to the progress of Singapore as a smart nation; but also as a result of the developments in India and China. India on one hand, is gearing up for 100 new smart cities; along with revising about 500 other cities to turn them into smart cities. While on the other hand, China has set-up around 285 pilot projects of smart cities.

Thus, the findings of this study show that Asia has taken the center-stage for advancement; and that not the U.S. but Asia may emerge as the leader for smart city innovation.

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