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Twitter Honors 400th Death Anniversary of the Iconic Bard
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Shakespeare Emoji

Shakespeare Emoji on Twitter

Today is the 400th death anniversary of the most iconic person of all the time, William Shakespeare. The prolific bard wrote verses and poems, almost 40 plays, and more than 150 sonnets in the 52 years of his life.

To honor the wordsmith who gave us ‘Romeo and Juliet’, ‘Hamlet’, ‘Macbeth’, among others, our tech-savvy century has done what it does the best. What is it? They’ve immortalized the iconic legend in the form of a Shakespeare emoji, obviously.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey may confine you to 140 characters, but of course, he won’t stop the social media platform from celebrating the poetry and prose of one of the most accomplished playwrights in the history, William Shakespeare.

Yes, that’s right. For all those who haven’t noticed this cool gesture, have a look at Twitter and you’ll know the latest addition. You’ll notice Shakespeare is on Twitter.

April 23 is observed as 400 years since the death of Shakespeare and to honor his life Twitter has launched a latest Shakespeare emoji. Patrick Stewart, a Shakespearian-trained artist will join the celebration by encouraging Twitter users to flaunt their most cherished passages of the poetry and prose written by the Bard.

Use #ShakespeareLives hashtag to experience the Shakespeare emoji in your tweets. Twitter is also offering live historical reenactments of a few works produced by the Bard from around London through its GoPro cameras and Periscope App.

And no, they aren’t done yet with the celebration. If you’re a real fan of Shakespeare, you’ll be encouraged to imagine the tweets by Shakespeare if he were alive. You can experience this feature using #Shakespeare400 hashtag. Yes, this hashtag also delivers a Shakespeare emoji. Because as the social networking platform thinks, Shakespeare would probably love spending his time tweeting and probably love an animated GIF.

The founder of Philadelphia Shakespeare Theater, Carmen Kahn feels Shakespeare would’ve been a sensation all over social media if he were alive.

“3,000 people a day came to globe to see his plays and he was always trying to outdo the other playwrights,” Kahn said. “He was popular but also insightful.” The theater will be celebrating Shakespeare tonight with a performance of “McBeth.”

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