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Tune into Facebook TV Shows this June!
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Facebook is that platform which took the trend of social networking to a different level altogether. Even though Facebook was not the pioneer of social media, its advent made people inquisitive about the mystical world of social network. Right from the time it was founded, this social media platform has come up with various innovations to retain its popularity. Currently, it is focusing on video-based media to hold the attention of its users. This is in order to make sure that Facebook has its monopoly despite the numerous social apps that are coming out in the market on a regular basis. But the company is taking the video tab to the next level by launching Facebook TV shows.

A layman can also notice that Facebook has significantly shifted its focus on providing smooth streaming of live video broadcasts, stories, and also 360-degree videos. Even while simply scrolling through the newsfeed, the video clips are on an auto-playing mode. This is so that the user can catch a glimpse of what the video holds. It would grab the attention of the user and lure him into watching the rest of the video. But Facebook TV shows are not just a way to share someone’s personal life incidents. These shows will compete with well-established online streaming services like Netflix. This move will reportedly be the company’s big break in the field of television. The list of shows which will be aired have already been finalized and are undergoing development.

Facebook TV shows

Mark Zuckerberg gives a keynote address the F8 developer conference.

Launch of the Facebook TV shows

Founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg had casually mentioned in one of his talks held in February that he would like to appeal users to visit the online platform in search of ‘episodic content’. The reason behind Zuckerberg’s this thought is that television is a promising industry in terms of revenues. Statistics claim that the television advertising industry has a billion-dollar turnover every year. Therefore this initiative might turn out to be a major growth opportunity for the company. This step is keeping in mind the fact that Facebook is gradually running out of space on the newsfeed to showcase advertisements.

The Facebook TV shows will be on air for the viewers by mid-June, as stated in the company’s report. The premiere has a promising list of around 24 shows. Apart from this, the company has already given the green light to other shows to various other shows for production. The company majorly divides these shows into two tiers. The first one is the marquee tier which will showcase big-budget shows. These shows will be comparatively longer to give an authentic TV feel. The lower tier will consist of less-expensive shows with duration of about five to ten minutes. These shows will be updated every 24 hours which will provide regular entertainment to its viewers.

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