Toys R Us to deal with bankruptcy through augmented reality
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Just when the retail market was undergoing a major drawback all thanks to the increasing popularity of the e-commerce sector, we have another story of a company which is on the verge of shutting down because of the same. Yet instead of selling the remaining shares and ending things on a safer side, this company decided to fight the situation with an innovative idea. Toys R Us is considered to be one of the most popular toy retailers on a global scale. Despite its excessive popularity, the company is undergoing losses for quite a while now. In order to deal with this crucial situation, the company will take the help of technology.

There have been a number of instances wherein something on the internet became an overnight success. Such instant success has often benefitted the given company tremendously. Toys R Us has similar expectations from its latest venture. In the month of September, the company had filed for bankruptcy protection. This was in order to deal with a debt worth $5 billion which is pending for a while now. Instead of giving up, the company is determined to get back on track. For this to happen, it is relying on augmented reality.

Toys R Us

The company is relying on augmented reality to get over its debt.

Toys R Us will create its own mobile game

Toys R Us currently has around 1,600 stores worldwide. If the company wants to cover up the losses, it needs a humongous number of people drawn to these stores on a regular basis. For this to happen, the company is planning to launch its own mobile game. This game will be developed with the help of augmented reality. The special part about this game will be that it can only be played in the store. Hence if you like the game, you have to come to the store to enjoy it.

To use augmented reality to increase sales, Toys R Us has sparked a partnership with a robotics company. The company which also specializes in artificial intelligence is known as PlayFusion. The augmented reality game developed by them will provide the users with a variety of play experiences as they move around the store. All one has to do is scan the game signs attached to different shelves in the stores in order to activate the games. The company is looking forward to these games catching on so that such frequent visits can also result in better sales.

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