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Toyota’s Yaris Cross Marries Compact Design, Spaciousness and SUV Engine to Deliver Efficiency

Toyota’s Yaris Cross steals the spotlight during its debt at the Geneva Motor Show.

Yaris Cross (Image: Toyota)

Toyota’s new compact SUV, the Yaris Cross, made its world debut this week. It was to be launched at the Geneva Motor Show, which was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. The new SUV is bigger than the flagship compact car Yaris and has all the functionality of an SUV.

The Yaris Cross comes with a raised ride height and also an all-new intelligent all-wheel-drive system, and spacious interiors with a compact outer body. In short, the perfect car suited for urban driving. Yaris Cross will be launched in Japan in Autumn this year, and in Europe mid- 2021.

Toyota Yaris Cross Design

The new Yaris Cross comes with Toyota’s latest 1.5 hybrid system and promises exceptional performance and efficiency. The Yaris Cross is built on Toyota’s new GA-B compact car platform. This ensures a high level of body rigidity and a well-balanced chassis. It is designed with a roomy interior and a compact outer design.


Yaris Cross Interior Prototype (Image: Toyota)

Yaris Cross Specs

The 1.5 hybrid features a new 1.5-liter, three-cylinder Atkinson-cycle petrol engine working in tandem with an electric motor with a thermal efficiency of up to 40 per cent, fuel efficiency, and low Co2 emissions. The new hybrid system has a maximum output of 116 horsepower. Special attention has been given to power delivery, making the system very responsive.


Yaris Cross Interior Prototype (Image: Toyota)

Yaris Cross has a 2,560 mm wheelbase and a high ground clearance.

Exterior Dimensions (mm)
Yaris Cross

Overall length

Overall width

Overall height


It is utalitarian and well designed.There’s a power back door and adjustable deck height for increased trunk space for larger loads. In addition, the deck board itself can be split in two, giving customers both increased space and an underfloor storage area. The trunk has a new flex belt to secure items.


Yaris Cross Europe (Image: Toyota)

It has an all-wheel drive system for extra stability and traction in poor weather and road conditions. Normally, it operates on front wheel drive but its intelligent AWD system transits to all-wheel drive when it detects low-grip conditions like rough terrain and heavy rain conditions.

Advanced Driver Assistance System

The Yaris Cross’s GA-B platform gives the car advanced driver assistance functions, helping to avoid a wide range of common accident risks through driver information, early warnings and, automatic braking and steering intervention. The new Yaris Cross has been designed and developed for Europe, specifically to meet the requirements and preferences of the region’s B-SUV market. It will be made in Europe too, at the Toyota Motor Manufacturing France (TMMF) unit, alongside the new generation Yaris hatchback.

Lance Scott, Design General Manager at Toyota’s EDD studio in Nice, France, says this about the design of the car. “When we started this process, we understood that whilst style is the number one purchase reason in the B-SUV segment; customers were also keen to have a high level of practicality. Not easy things to reconcile, especially in a compact package.


Yaris Cross Europe (Image: Toyota)

"From the very beginnings of the design concept, we had the European customer in mind, but needed to understand more about them… As a team, we came up with the key words ‘Robust’ and ‘Minimalistic’, which we felt would express both compactness and agility, as well as the robustness and strength of an SUV.

"When we started to sketch ideas for the exterior, the iconic image of a diamond consistently came to mind. Subsequently, we coined the phrase ‘nimble diamond’ to express the hard, strong and premium image of the gemstone combined with the agile and fun to drive personality we felt the car needed to convey.”

Toyota announced that it will produce more than 150,000 Yaris Cross a year at the TMMF Onnaing factory, near Valenciennes in France. It will be launched initially in Europe and Japan, there is still no information of its debut in the United States. The company is yet to release the price too.


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