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Toyota to recall 7.4m cars due to power window glitch
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The power window glitch responsible for the Toyota Motor's recall of 7,4m cars

The power window glitch responsible for the Toyota Motor's recall of 7,4m cars

Toyota Motor Corp., Japan’s biggest carmaker, announced a global recall of approximately 7.43 million cars due to a power window glitch that posses a fire risk. The Toyota Motor’s recall is going to be the biggest single recall since 1996.

Details of Toyota Motor’s recall

The Toyota Motor’s recall, announced on 10th of October,  affects over a dozen car models of the company produced from 2005 to 2010. A power window glitch is to be blamed for the recall, according to the statement of Toyota Motor Corp. The Japan’s carmaker informed that the power window switch on the driver’s side might feel sticky during operation. The power window glitch in Toyota Motor’s cars may also cause friction in the switch and even sometimes smoke. As it has been stated by the Japan’s carmaker, the power window glitch was caused by an uneven application of grease. The first time the power window glitch was reported was in September 2008.

The Japan’s carmaker, Toyota Motor Corp., informed that it would recall approximately 7.4 million cars globally.The Toyota Motor’s recall includes models of the Yaris, Vios, Corolla, Matrix, Auris, Camry, RAV4, Highlander, Tundra, Sequoia, xB and xD produced between 2005 and 2010.

According to the company statement, the Toyota Motor’s recall affects cars in the United States, Europe and China. The Japan’s carmaker is going to recall approximately 2.47 million cars in the United States, roughly 1.39 million cars in Europe and about 1.40 cars in China. Toyota Motor Corp. is also recalling about 650,000 cars in Australia and Asia, approximately 490,000 cars in the Near and Middle East, 240,000 cars in Canada and 330,000 cars elsewhere.

The Toyota Motor’s recall will be the biggest single recall since its American rival, Ford Motor Co., recalled as many as 7.9 million vehicles in 1996.

The company, however, highlighted that no crashes, injuries or deaths had been reported as a result of the power window glitch. Yet over 200 problems related to the glitch were reported in the United Stated and other incidents were reported elsewhere as well, according to Joichi Tachikawa, a spokesman for Toyota Motor Corp.

As it was stated by Monika Saito, another spokeswoman for the Japan’s carmaker, "The process to repair (the power window switch) is not an extensive one," informing that it would involve either putting heat-resistant lubricant on the switches or exchanging them.

Toyota Motor faces challenges

The Toyota Motor’s recall comes as the company tries to rebuild customers’ trust after series of recalls between 2009 and 2011. During these two years the Japan’s car maker pulled back approximately 10 million cars. Fixing reputation is an incredible effort, yet Toyota Motor Corp. is encountering new challenges which make it so hard.

The company has faced also a drop in Chinese sales as the result of the territorial dispute between Chinese and Japanese governments. It seems that the latest developments, including the recall, the decrease in Chinese sales and the decision to cut the China production, will make it even more difficult to fix the Toyota Motor’s reputation.

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