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Toyota, Nissan recall 6.5 million vehicles over faulty airbags

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Toyota, Nissan

Toyota, Nissan and Honda Motors, recalls 6.5 million vehicles in Japan and Europe.

Japan’s top and the largest carmakers, Toyota, Nissan and Honda Motors, to recall 6.5 million vehicles triggered by defects in Takata Corp.’s airbag inflators. Reportedly, all the three carmakers will recall millions of vehicle for investigation purpose.

An unidentified source revealed that Toyota Motor Corp. and Nissan Motor Co. has recalled around 6.5 million vehicles globally, and Honda Motor Co. Ltd will directly file for lawsuit without revealing any further details. A US spokesperson said that any of the potential action taken, would not affect the cars, which were sold in the United States.

On Wednesday, both the companies announced to recall roughly around 31 million vehicles worldwide, that have been manufacted post-2008. Both the companies had identified Takata’s airbags inflators’ issue that could explode with too much force, by spraying sharpnel inside the cars.

In 1980, Ford Motor Co. had recalled the Takata-linked that stands on top of the largest U.S recall of about 21 million vehicles, for a parking gear problem, as reported by U.S. safety regulators and safety advocates. Last year, General Motor had recalled around 30 million vehicles, but those were for range of defects, inclusive of faulty ignition switches.

Albeit, the accurate root cause remains undetermined, and association with high humidity suggested that moisture intrusion and time were the root cause of defects as asserted by Trowbridge.

When contacted Takata’s spokesperson, he told that the prone of airbag problem was ongoing and the company still continued to co-operate with the automakers. Reportedly, around six deaths were reported due to Takata’s airbag inflators, all the cars were manufactured by Honda, but when asked companies about the so-called defects, they denied it. With this due impact, companies cited a huge decline last month in their profit forecast citing a high quality-related cost.

Nissan and Toyota said that their recalls were merely for precautionary purpose, and no accidents or injuries have been reported yet. Both the companies haven’t revealed any due reason for the root cause. But, while submitting a document to Japan’s transport ministry, both the companies revealed that the defects had caused due to bad inflators, which were not appropriately sealed, and the companies were facing risk of allowing moisture intrusion during its extended use.

Japan’s largest automaker, Toyota recalled around 5 million vehicles including Vitz, Corolla and other model, mostly in Japan and Europe. Many car models were built within March 2003 – November 2008 that included 1.36 million vehicles in Japan. Nissan said it is recalling around 1.56 million vehicles for the same issue. The automaker recalled nine car models in Japan, which were defected through airbag inflators. The models were the X-Trail SUV, Fuga Sedan, Isuzo Como van, and others.

At present, Takata Corp. is fumbling with number of lawsuits, filed by United States, Canada, and U.S Criminal Investigation and a regulatory probe. The company expects to get back on profit in business year (April), in spite of having a few provisions cost expenses caused due to a massive global recall.

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