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Top thriving Businesses In America: Prosperity Despite The Economic Recession

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American Economy

American Economy

With the tough time the global economy, especially the American economy, is facing, everyone wants to know what companies are doing well and what are not. Here’s a list of the top 10 healthy companies in America right now, despite the financial crisis. These companies are beating the odds and continuing to grow and prosper, and have not been weakened by the recession.

1. SAS

At the number one spot is the 14-year old business giant, SAS. If there is any company where every single employee is happy and satisfied, it is SAS. The benefits of working at SAS are summed up easily: you are treated like the penthouse suite guest of a 7-star hotel. A fantastic childcare facility, summer camp for children of employees, one of the best-equipped and most advanced gyms anywhere in the world, beauty and healthcare services and car cleaning services, and much more, come together to make employees feel like kings.

2. Wegmans Food Market

Known to be one of the most customer-oriented supermarkets in the world, Wegmans is as interested in its employees. Health camps, fun health drives and competitions, good salaries, job security and some fantastic perks make the Wegmans Food Market one of the best places to work at.

3. Google

If there is a list of top businesses, how can Google be far behind? The company continues to do well, with an increased revenue of over 20% in 2010. The already-wealthy organization profited considerably in the last year, which wasn’t good just for the company but also meant big bucks for the employees- each of whom received a 10% increment in their salaries! Employees are also treated to perks like free laundry, free cafeteria meals and much more! And, to further mark the company’s prosperity, employees can nominate each other for $175 bonuses- and most of them do!

4. Boston Consulting Group

The Boston Consulting Group is one of the most successful companies in the world, and definitely one of the few that are thriving even in the current economic situation. What sets this business apart from other successful counterparts is that not only did the company not let go of a single employee, it also welcomed the biggest number of recruits in the last year! Great salaries and dedication to social work and community responsibility make this business one of the most loved. With employees leaving ongoing projects to provide aid during the Haiti earthquake and participating in the U.N. World Food Program, this company is truly rich- financially and spirit-wise!

5. NetApp

NetApp is one of the most prosperous businesses in the United States at present. The 2011 economic downturn has done little to hamper this company’s growth. The company’s revenue increased by a whopping 33% and the organization welcomed hundreds of new people to the workforce. Great perks like free bagels with cream cheese every Friday, free espresso daily, free fruit on Tuesday and tons of other incentives make this company one of the best to work with!

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