Top leadership qualities to help you stand out

Leadership is a good way to stand out in the workplace.

Some are born to the leadership role, and for some, it is thrust upon them, and the rest learn to lead. All three categories need to hone their skills if they want to fulfill their roles as top leaders. A good way to develop top leadership qualities is to learn by example. Observe other leaders in the role. A good leader always surrounds himself with good generals and friends.

Do not be shy about attending leadership conferences and hiring mentors and coaches to help you in your task. A good leader is expected to set high standards to be able to make people follow in your footsteps.

Being in charge is not easy, and being at the pinnacle can get lonely and isolating, hence, being in top peak order both emotionally and physically is a must. Being on the go 24/7 can be exhausting, so take out time to relax and rejuvenate. Most great leaders carve out me-time for themselves. Constantly being on the go and making split-second decisions that affect hundreds of lives needs agility of mind and body.

leadership qualities in workplace

Test your leadership qualities with a pinch of confidence.

Must-have Leadership Qualities

Leaderships can be interpreted in many ways, but some consistent qualities determine the one person capable of marching ahead of the pack. Here we list out the qualities of a good leader, according to us:

Strong ethics and social responsibility

Strong ethics from a leader convey a sense of fairness in dealing with the employees. Also, communicating clearly what is expected from the employees creates a sense of trust and safety, which in turn leads to a relaxed and congenial environment where people perform better.

Do not undertake anything that makes you feel at odds with your core values. If you feel it is fundamentally wrong, then it is.

Strategic & Critical Thinking

An effective leader has critical thinking and can strategize to gain the maximum out of any situation. He or she is able to understand the strengths, weaknesses, threats, and vulnerabilities of his team or organization.

Good leadership qualities mean pulling the team out of any critical situation and course-correct when necessary. The goal is to benefit the organization ultimately.

Delegate and trust

Here communication also plays a part. If you give clear directions to your subordinates and colleagues and allow them to perform under their own set schedule, it shows trust.

Research has also shown that teams allowed to set their pace are empowered, are more productive and proactive. No one can do all the tasks themselves, one needs to delegate and give space to perform. But this simple task is difficult for some as they turn leadership into a power game. They believe the moment you give away the power of decision making then you lose authority. 

Good leadership skills allow for self-organizing and self empowering. And happily, it works for both the employer and employee.

Communicate and connect

We are social beings. Interact and exchange ideas is what we do. Leaders know that keeping clear channels of communication is to have the pulse of the organization.

Communication builds a sense of belonging, of being on the journey of achievement together. In such a scenario, when goals and expectations and the processes are clearly communicated, then any small failures or delays are not blown out of proportion. There is a clear sense of why and what went wrong. Speculation is kept to a minimum.


Keeping decision-making and all executive plans as state secrets foster a sense of distrust. It encourages unpleasant behavior, which can be contagious.

Sense of belonging also means to be pleasant. Convey that you care. A good leader is familiar about the people he interacts with every day. Showing some interest in them personally builds connections.

Foster innovation, organizational learning and flexibility

Rigidity in running a show is a formula for disaster. Innovation is the key to move ahead. A strong foundation based on organizational principles is compulsory, but this foundation needs to be nurtured by constant learning and building.

Encourage new ideas and change. Build a culture of openness where employees can discuss ambitions and expectations. If this means skill-building, encourage the concept. Promoting and nurturing from within givers greater returns rather than hiring as you need. 

Discuss the problems and withhold judgment until all points of view are presented. Given an explanation of why a particular process is picked over another one. This builds trust in your ability to be fair and unbiased.

Confidence and humility

A true leader’s most outstanding quality is the confidence to see much further than mere mortals. He has the confidence of conviction. They have the foresight and the ability to see the whole picture to see where the organization is headed. Then, they are willing to take steps to reach that point. These steps include making the right team decisions, assigning roles, and pushing towards a goal.

Along with that, a good leader should have humility. This means accepting one’s weaknesses and agreeing that they can be wrong too. Sharing the limelight and giving credit to the juniors and partners is another appreciable trait. If you believe in just pushing your agenda at the cost of others, you lose as a leader. You will not be able to inspire people to work toward the company’s success. At best, you will have reluctant workers looking for an opportunity for greener pastures.

A good leader is never selfish. He shares his knowledge and is willing to help team members to improve their weaknesses.

Leadership is a learned skill that becomes second nature over time. The learning comes with the accumulation of experiences through facing different circumstances, unforeseen failures.

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