Top AI Companies Riding the Innovation Wave in 2022

The artificial intelligence market size is expected to surpass around $1,597 billion by 2030. The rising demand for AI technology across various industries such as retail, automotive, food and beverages, healthcare and logistics is significantly contributing towards the growth of AI startups. This skyrocketing adoption has led to a race amongst artificial intelligence companies riding the newfound wave of innovation. Below, we take a look at the top AI companies that will have a transformative impact on the world in coming years. 

list of top Ai companies in the world

Which companies are leading in AI?

When it comes to the top AI companies in the world, we need to mention 3 companies that stand out among the AI behemoths of today. There are many companies on the market right now, which is understandable given the importance of AI technology. Within these top artificial intelligence companies, many decisions need to be made and a majority of the problem-solving actions aim to transform the world at a breakneck speed. Let’s take a look at what makes these top AI companies the best on the market.


list of artificial intelligence companies

Image: DeepMind

DeepMind is headquartered in London, and it also has offices in France, Canada, and the U.S. It is an AI research and AI development company that represents a subsidiary of Alphabet. The company works closely with the health sector and it develops the technology for medical use. DeepMind was founded in 2010 by British academics. In 2014, Google acquired the company for $500 million. 

DeepMind provides different services and these include the following:

  • Development of advanced AI that can be applied to human challenges, like playing the complex games or understanding the difficult structures, like family trees
  • Development of the voice technology called WaveNet which is part of the Google Cloud Platform and Google Assistant 
  • Use of the product called AlphaFood which can examine 3D models of protein structures that can be used in medical research 

DeepMind researches and develops artificial general intelligence (AGI) where intelligent agents can learn and understand any intellectual tasks that human beings can learn and understand. The company pays attention to the safe and ethical use of artificial intelligence in all projects. When it comes to revenue, the company reported $1.13 billion in revenue for the year 2020. 


artificial intelligence 2022

Image: Amazon

Amazon is one of the most successful e-commerce companies, but this company is also among the best on the list of artificial intelligence companies. It is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, but it has 235 additional offices around the U.S and all over the world. Amazon was founded in 1994, and the company specializes in cloud technology and e-commerce. Many customers around the globe order Amazon products on a daily level, and the company accomplishes to stay current on the strong e-commerce market. 

The company entered the AI world in 2015 when the offerings of the Alexa devices hit the market. 

Amazon provides its customers with a large number of AI services that include the following:

  • The options for customers to use ML on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) and create their own solutions 
  • The use of Amazon Lex, which is an Amazon’s conversational AI tool that can be used for chatbots
  • Providing a flexible and scalable framework for ML developers when using SageMaker 

When it comes to Amazon’s AI solutions, the company uses AI for a better shopping experience for the users of the Amazon website. Amazon Alexa is developed according to the AI technologies, and this device represents the AI solutions in practical use. 


top AI companies in the world

Image: IBM

IBM is headquartered in Armonk, New York and it has offices all around the U.S. There are also offices in Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa. The company has offices in more than 90 countries which makes this company very diverse when it comes to workforce and business solutions.

IBM has its proprietary AI engine called Watson. It is used for research and the use of commercial products. The engine offers language processing, AI-based decision-making, and task automation. 

IBM offers the following AI features: 

  • The Watson AI lab was made to provide security, finance, and healthcare research 
  • Some teams perform AI testing, AI hardware, computer vision, and many more functions 
  • The pre-built Watson app can help customers in healthcare, chain management, HR, and many more solutions 

The solutions offered by IBM Watson put IBM among the top artificial intelligence 2022 companies that continue to grow each day. 

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