Top 5 Leadership Books for Young Leaders

Young leaders look forward to seeking motivation and aspiration. The first choice for seeking the aforementioned subjects is a mentor, but not everyone is lucky to have one. So, where do they end up? Well, they end up with leadership books. Our ancestors have wisely described books as mankind’s most loyal friend. They’ll always be there for you, no matter what.

top 5 leadership books

You might’ve browsed through hundreds of best books for young leaders, but the names listed below are the top 5 leadership books, which are highly effective when it comes to personal growth as a leader. These books will influence your perspective on your journey of leadership.

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The best books for young leaders listed below will teach you much about organizations, teams, individuals, and different mindsets. While at the same time, these top 5 leadership books will also offer useful guidance about what all it takes to become a successful and genuine leader.

Top 5 Leadership Books:

Made to Stick – Chip and Dan Heath

This book is a modern masterpiece. It’s already regarded as a classic written by Chip and Dan Heath. This book will teach you how to design ideas, which individuals will remember effortlessly and act on. In a very simple yet brilliant manner, the book explains the phenomenon of the survival and death of ideas. One can phrase this as a ‘self-help’ piece for ideas and strategies in a similar manner how a diet book guides you to eat healthily.

Collaboration – Morten Hansen

This book comes from the same writer who, in association with Jim Collins, wrote the bestseller Great by Choice. This is one of the best-written books on what it takes to establish an organization where individuals cooperate, help each other succeed, and share information. The author takes aim at today’s highly competitive environment and the necessity of collaboration to execute a successful strategy.

Leading Teams – J. Richard Hackman

This book is just for you if you want to learn how successful teams really work. The late author J. Richard Hackman quite sophisticatedly explains the elements required for building, sustaining, and leading a team. Hackman was one of the world’s leading experts on organization and group behavior. In the book, he argues that conditions created by leaders are responsible for the performance of a team. Leading Teams is not about a specific leadership style or a formula. Rather, it is about using a concise set of principle to different situations that occur in a team.

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Thinking, Fast and Slow – Daniel Kahneman

This book focuses on the aspects how humans tend to think in various situations. The winner of Nobel Prize in Economics and renowned psychologist, Kahneman takes us on a mind tour and demonstrates the systems, which drive the way we tend to think. The book explains how overconfidence impacts corporate strategies. Thinking, Fast and Slow brilliantly demonstrates how most of the stuff we read in the business press is not correct.

Influence – Robert Cialdini

With this book, you can learn how to persuade individuals to do things. You can also learn tricks to defend yourself against persuasion attempts. Cialdini mentions six universal principles in his masterpiece, which will guide you in the direction of personal changes having a profound effect. This transformation will act as a driving force for you.

There you go. Happy reading!

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