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Top 5 Business Trends to Watch for 2012

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Business Trends 2012

Business Trends 2012

The New Year is already here with a blast and industry leaders have a long to-do list laying on the desks. It seems that 2012 is going to be a better year for industries to perform. Well, the question that arises in mind is – can 2012 turn around and get worse for the businesses? Doesn’t seem though, it actually could, in spite of the rebounding economy.

But it is wisely said that even bad economies can’t suppress bold ideas, breakthrough concepts and determined entrepreneurs. There might ideas that might, at the first glance, not seem new or innovative. But as so many mega-successful entrepreneurs have proven, it’s not always about what you’re selling, but how you sell it.

Now, it’s time we start looking at the new business trends that the industry leaders need to watch for in 2012.

Business Trends # 1: Digitalization in businesses

With internet booming up and the need for technological advancement being felt by the people, it becomes necessary that the industry leaders concentrate on developing internet applications and electronic media. iPads are flying off the shelf and employees are seen walking out with smartphones in their hand. This possibly can be called the ‘digitalization’ of the world. Business trend number 1 spots the rise of the internet world and electronic media is at hand. Employees are looking for convenience and flexibility at work. Businesses will have to run in pace with the new developments and accept changes that come their way in order to sustain in the competitive world.

Business Trends # 2: Social Media Usage

Today, there are more people using the social media websites, than there are those reading newspapers or watching television. Nearly 80 percent of the total online users involve in social networking to follow brands. We are in an age when use of social media is intensifying and more and more people are getting involved in social networking sites like facebook, twitter and ibibo. There are about 200 million people on facebook and over 50 percent of them follow brands. What business trends number 2 suggests for industry leaders is an increase in use of social media to look smart.

Business Trends # 3: Get rid of traditional work hours

When we are talking about the digitalization in businesses and increasing usage of social media, it would not be astounding to know that the tradition of working from 9 to 5 has gradually shifted to flexible working hours. Employees want to have flexible working hours so that they can work for anywhere, anytime. And a combination of innumerable things around us has made it happen. Business trends number 3 suggests industry leaders to give employees flexibility in working hours and get rid of the traditional 9 to 5 working hours. And who do we blame this development on? The culprits are laptops, smartphones, Internet, tablets, apps and software.

Business Trends # 4: Go Green

Consumers are sincerely following the go green thing and it is expected that go green would be a major trend in 2012. Industries covering a wide arena of sectors are focusing all their energy to go green in whatever way possible. To follow the business trends number 4, a few tips would be enough. Try going green through eco-friendly packaging, green buildings, water-risk management and taking care toxic emissions. But before you go green, you need to thoroughly study and investigate about eco-friendly products because they are often more expensive.

Business Trends # 5: Be a risk taker

As an industry leader, you must walk hand in hand with the developments that take place in the industry. And for this you will be required to take risks and bring in innovative ideas to climb the up-ladder. Restart working on plans that failed, afresh, and try bringing them on play.

With the beginning of the New Year, industry leaders and companies can nab a position in the competitive world and out-perform their goals. It is not enough to simply set a few sales goal through the beginning of the new year. What would actually be required is a deep insight into the upcoming business trends and a thorough understanding of strategies to be taken.


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