Top 10 New Year Business Resolutions for 2012



Its Christmas – a time for celebration. But most of all, it is that time of the year when industry leaders reflect on their business’s progress over the past year that has gone by and the New Year’s plan of how to develop their business. The whole office is fired up and the teams are assigned with various tasks and job responsibilities. New Year is the time when management teams crowd together in the backroom, strategize their corporate goals, and develop new business concepts along with marketing materials designs that would make them look like an industry leaders.

But, amidst enjoying the Christmas Eve with wine, beer, champagne, lobster, shrimp and steak, industry leaders also focus on making New Year business resolutions. New Year resolutions for 2012 make their place, not just in personal life but also in professional life, as the New Year marches on. So, do you want better success in the coming New Year or a chance of enjoying the success you’ve achieved more?

As humans we are constantly in search of opportunities to improve and advance. The New Year gives business owners the opportunity to improve on their operations and change their fortunes. Here are top 10 New Year business resolutions for 2012 that would help you strike better work-life balance, achieve success and make you satisfied with your business progress.

New Year business resolution #1 – Be a Leader

As an industry leader and the head of the firm, don’t let your ego drive your business decisions. As a leader you must guide the other members of the organization. As a leader you must set an example n front of them, whom they can follow. As a leader do justice to your business with substituting business logic, research and others inputs. You will be required to possess adequate leadership qualities to sustain and do righteousness to your business in the true sense.

New Year business resolution #2 – Get Organized: Plan and Strategize Your Business

You won’t know where you are going unless you know where you want to go. Confusing? Well that’s exactly how your business would be, if you do not keep things simple and organized. Planning is the basic step to succeed in business and planning accurately and developing strategies will lead you to a healthy and growing business. Business planning, as a New Year business resolution, will help you keep a track on what you have worked so far and what you haven’t and help you set new directions or adjust old goals.

New Year business resolution #3 – Set Realistic Goals

Aims and ambitions, goals and objectives sound good when you hear someone else set them. Practically, when it comes to you, they start sounding like jargons. To keep it simple, make your New Year business resolution for 2012 to set goals that are realistic and achievable. People set goals – as it is a valuable habit, provided it leads you to success rather than distress and misery. If you set unrealistic goals as your New Year resolution, it might take away the excitement of actually working on it.

New Year business resolution #4 – Take Risks and Embrace Changes

The world is moving forward, swiftly and consistently. As industry leaders, if you stop taking a breath, you will be left far behind others, competing in the race.  Change is inevitable as so is it a scary concept. To overcome this fear, try doing something new. Take risks, explore ways to overcome the disabilities and move ahead. It might sound easy, but it is no less challenging.

New Year business resolution #5 – Move On, Drop Things That Are Not Working For You

Not all ideas would be super-hit. Don’t worry about such ideas. If there are things that are not working for you, drop them, move on. You would not like to waste time behind things that would require you to drain all your energy. If a technique or a product or a business relationship isn’t working for you, stop using it. Don’t invest a lot of energy into trying to make the unworkable workable. Move on and focus on developing new ideas and new concepts. Something better will turn up.

New Year business resolution #6 – Network, Network and Network

Quite often, the task of networking and promoting your business slips down to the bottom of the list, eventually disappearing. if you want your business to be recognized and want to attract crowd new of customers, it is important that you start promoting your business through networking. In your New Year resolution for 2012, star mark number six and hire a marketing executive who would help you build a solid marketing plan to boost up our existence in the market place.

New Year business resolution #7 – Don’t Just Tell, Show What You Can Do

Clients don’t want to hear what you can do. There might be 10’s of thousands of competitors who might promise what they could do and give to the client. Show the client what you can do for them, if you really want to win the account. Do a thorough research, work hard on what your client wants and present it to him but showing him what you can do in the most dramatic and creative way you can.

New Year business resolution #8 – Befriend Your Employees

For a successful industry leader, it is more important to know what his employees want than to come up with things he wants to give them. Understanding your employees is the thing you would not want to miss. Not only that! It is also important to appreciate and acknowledge employees for their work. This boosts up their motivation and enables them to perform efficiently and effectively. A satisfied employee is a sign of a successful organization. Mark it as your New Year business resolution for 2012.

New Year business resolution #9 – Celebrate Your Success with Your Employees

Don’t forget to recognize and celebrate each of your milestones. The best part of preparing a plan is to know when you’ve reach your goals, allowing some time to pause and appreciate the accomplishment, and begin to create your next set of goals. Celebrating it those who have contributed in helping you achieve the milestone, makes it even more special. Take away that moment of pride and satisfaction not just for yourself, but for those without whom it would have been difficult.

New Year business resolution #10 – Take Time Out For You

Trying to achieve the New Year business resolutions for 2012, don’t forget to take some time out for you and schedule your calendar. Everything would happen the way you want, only if you are healthy, mentally and physically. Take time out, recharge yourself, and refresh yourself with new and positive thoughts to have a healthy work-life balance. As it is wisely said, “If you wont invest in yourself, who else would?”

When you go through your long list of New Year business resolutions for 2012, and look forward to accomplishing them, remember that maintaining a proper work-life balance is like maintaining a good relationship. If you succeed in implementing your New Year business resolutions for 2012 aptly, the success would be all yours.

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