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“Time is Money” – Great Apps for Time Mindfulness
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Great men have rightly said, ‘time is money’. Productivity and time management need to work in sync. While you cannot buy time, you can certainly download great apps for time mindfulness to better manage your stuff. Managing time is not a rocket science.

All you require is the right set of time saving tools at workplace.

Fortunately, technologies shower countless time saving tools at workplace for better management and improve productivity levels.

It seems like forever that managing your time with your tasks, is on top of your mind. It decides when you wake up, how long you spend having lunch, the time you go to sleep and every other activity of the day and night.

To manage your time well, you rely on a scheduling apps and calendar tool. But what you really need is a multi-purpose time management app. An app that will assist you mark projects, make reports and export to an accounting tool, supervise managerial tasks or even streamline your social media coverage. All within the time frame you are looking at.

Fret no longer since we have done the multi-purpose time management app research for you. We have shortlisted 5 apps that will be your time saving tools at workplace. So relax as you are now getting a step closer to getting the most out of each day, with more time to offer to your priorities.


Hours time management app

This serves best for those in search of a simple time tracker without many characteristics. It features a visual timeline, smart reminders, and pdf friendly reports. Factually, the app makes time tracking enjoyable. It consists of a ‘today view’ doodah and a spontaneous timeline that depicts what you’ve worked on and the time slots you missed. In addition to this, you can also include notes. It recently partnered with Freshbooks to integrate and export your work. Hours is the simplest of app on this list and what it does, it does really well.


Evernote time management app

Evernote is a multi-platform, freemium (Free+premium versions) app created for categorizing. It is a set of services designed for note taking and archiving. A note can be anything from a format table text to a full web page or a photograph, a voice memo and a handwritten note. Assemble, cherish, and share thoughts across desktop and mobile platforms with this app. This will make sure that your thoughts are always with you, always reachable and hence always in sync.


pocket time management app

Pocket is a great app to promptly determine, save and propose the most interesting stories on the Web. It gets most handy, when you find something you want to view later. Save articles, videos or pretty much anything into this app. Save unswervingly from your browser or from apps like Flipboard, Twitter and Pulse. Whatever is in your Pocket app, it is on your phone, laptop or smartbook. Once saved, you will not require an internet connection.

Week Plan

Week Plan time management app

Week Plan is a to-do app stimulated by the latest time management wisdom. Familiarize with the power of weekly reviews and implementation of daily responsibilities with your goals in mind. Organize your week from your smartphone or laptop. In addition to, this app is printer friendly and hence allows you to take your week plan everywhere. Nevertheless, this app proves more like a personal assistant on hand since it keeps track of your goals and mission statement and pen down your key thoughts.


Asana time management app

Asana is the simplest way for teams to track their work. From errands and assignments to discussions and notices, the app facilitates teams to get their work done. It’s effortless to get started and potent enough to run the whole business. This app aids teams to manage workflows with thoughtful and striking designs, fluid interactive essentials and munificent team-member plot. Moreover, these features are also available in the free version. This makes Asana app the most powerful productivity apps on the market.


  • Marina says:

    Thanks! Pocket app was a new discovery for me. I would also recommend to check actiTIME. It is online time-tracking software with simple interface.

  • Michael says:

    Never had a chance to use Evernote so I can’t tell if it’s good but Asana and Pocket are really great. However, both hours and week plan are not very well-developed, I’d recommend TimeCamp for time tracking and TimeTune for planning – I’m really satisfied with them.

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