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This Beautiful Swiss-Designer Watch Is Actually a Fitness Tracker

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Withings, the French electronics company, unveiled a new product on Monday, a high-end step-counting activity tracker, the Activité. Fascinatingly, the wrist-worn device is a cross between an elegant Swiss-designed analog wristwatch and a smart activity tracker. Withings has fondly christened it as the 'Withings Activite'.

Withings Activite

Withings CEO Cédric Hutchings promoted the Activité as “the first in a new category: a premium, high-end watch that happens to have these cool features.” Hutchings refuses to call it’s a smartwatch, “Who wants to wear a mini piece of smartphone with an oversized screen?" he said at an event announcing the device.

The Activité adorns an elegant analog wristwatch with a plain white panel on the front with no buttons, or dials or a leather strap. The watch and the leather straps are enough to fit into a petite woman's wrist. With the exception of a tiny second dial on its front panel, there's no hint at the accelerometer and Bluetooth chip inside the second dial runs from 0 to 100 signaling the wearer's progress towards a daily step goal.

One frequent complaint about activity trackers has been how they're given an appalling design. They've basically been made out of elastic and plastic, mostly black; have rarely been portrayed as snappy especially for fashion enthusiasts.

To enhance the look of the gadgets, organizations have been attempting to be more fashion forward. Maverick, a California start-up, makes the Shine activity tracker in smooth metal and not long from now Fitbit published a joint partnership with designer Tory Burch to make accessories for its tracker to be worn as a pendant.

The configuration of Activité accompanies a cost, $390 that puts it more keeping pace with a fashion accessory than other activity trackers. The Flex from Fitbit retails for $100, and the Up from Jawbone is $150. Alternate wellness or activity tracker gadgets valued as high as the Activité are the triathlon and sports watches sold by Garmin and Polar, which are stuffed with GPS and different gimmicks.

Like the Misfit Shine, Garmin Vivofit and pretty much any $10 wristwatch, however, the Activité runs on a replaceable battery. Withings says that the battery ought to last a year. The watch is additionally assembled to be waterproof enough to swim while wearing it. Withings says the Activité will additionally track the wearers' sleep and might be utilized as a silent alarm, vibrating in the morning to awaken the wearer from deep slumber.

Withings has created an increasing range of stylishly designed health gadgets, including a connected scale, blood pressure measurement cuff, and bedside sleep tracking gadget. All are entwined by its Health Mate iOS application. As per Withings, the Activité will be marked down this fall in one unisex size with dark and silver versions

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