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Think Differently 2.0: Look At The Overlooked

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Think DifferentlyThe people and society we live in, project a limited view of our abilities and rob us of our ingeniousness. Even though we are born with profound imagination, intelligence, and intuition, we are puppeteered not to use these powers and as a result, they disintegrate to non-existence.

Creative thinking can be applied to every aspect of your life. Some see it as a switch that’s flicked on and off but that is one of the many lies buried deep into our buttermilk minds. The act of thinking differently is more of a way of observing, absorbing and responding to the world around it, even if it’s something out of your comfort zone.

Leaders often give in to mediocre ideas rather than revolutionary ideas out of fear of failure. Even the most successful business leaders fall into the cycle of a repetitive ritual, and in most cases the catalyst is fear of failure. Stop referring to past experience. Whatever has worked in the past is going to work, but you need to seek out new methods that challenge your expertise or authority. Industry leaders who think differently always search for new ways of doing the same things you already know.

Iconic French designer Coco Chanel defied convention right from the beginning of her career. In an age where women were forced to dress up in uncomfortable corsets, she attacked the fashion police by popularizing the term “luxury is being comfortable.” Her first foray into the never-ending path to success was a dress she had made out of an old jersey. The principle applies to everyone. Like Chanel, you must stop looking for uniqueness elsewhere because it is right there within you. Nurture your individual approach and personality, or else you’ll have to fight against a lifelong struggle of living up to other’s expectations. Be true to your ideas. Put your personality and individuality into your work without trying to ironing it out.

Don’t be afraid of receiving negative reaction. It is way better to have a strong reaction, even if negative than a muted one. Even if people respond strongly to your work, take it in a positive stride. Your concern should be no reaction. Leaders who think differently are driven by their interest, not whether people like it. Sometimes, you need to convince the people around of your worth in order to convince them the worth of your work.

Promote doubt. Doubt gives the unique opportunity to unlock new ideas and enhance your work. Henry Ford’s Motel T was an instant hit in the automobile market after he introduced it in 1908. Had he taken the traditional course and built cars in the old, antiquated-lengthy way, the world would have never seen the assembly line where millions of products are cheaply made within hours using the finest material. Uncertainty can be a massive discomfort in the beginning, but it is a great incentive to revolutionary work.

Analyze your ideas. Think back to how it germinated and what followed it. Who or what regularly inspires you? Analyze your working process. Create an illustration of your thought process and study it. You’d be surprised!

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