The Top Five Most Luxurious Trains in The World

The most luxurious trains in the world

The most luxurious trains in the world

The carriages, the most luxurious trains in the world, are truly built for kings and queens or the crème de la crème of society. But anyone willing to part with some good amount of money can enjoy this travel luxury.

Why luxury trains?

Luxury trains provide unforgettably and incredibly deluxe “home away from home” experience. The journeys generally offer full board accommodation in splendid carriages as you cruise through wild scenery. To crown it all, friendly staff is always on the ready to handle your every need or whim! The plushest of all luxury trains can be found in various parts of the world. As a matter of fact, this survey of the worlds’ top five luxury trains takes into consideration the numerous features that make these trains jolly “top five in luxury.” The most lavish trains can be found in Canada, India, South Africa, England, South America and other parts South East Asia etc.

As the name suggests, luxury trains are specifically meant for that one purpose, luxury! Without a doubt, these trains are specially designed with luxury, opulence and comfort in mind. They are aimed at providing happy chosen ones with a “one-of-a-kind” experience of a country’s history, heritage and wild scenery. They simply offer an outrageous yet charming train ride that creates unforgettable memories in terms of national history and heritage – nothing to sneeze at. Several countries operate luxury trains for varying types of travelers or tourists. However, there are luxurious trains that cross boundaries and cover multiple nations in their travel packages.

The trend has however picked up over the years due to increased demand. There are today more luxury trains around the world than there were a decade ago! This increase has been necessitated by increasing demand as more and more people opt for “one of a kind” travel. By all accounts, air travel may be the fastest way to travel around the world, but it comes nowhere close to luxury trains in the experience. Remember that you will be able to admire wild scenery and national heritage in real time train luxury!

So, are you ready to travel in train luxury? Here are the world’s top five luxury trains.

Palace on Wheels

To cut a long story short – India’s Palace on Wheels is one of the most luxurious trains in the world, without question. The Palace on Wheels has been awarded with a confident and strong 4th position in the most luxurious trains in the world. The train provides travelers with the best of the maharaja’s lifestyle; fun, style and comfort.

The Palace on Wheels provides luxury travel across several destinations in Rajasthan and Agra in India. What is interesting is the fact that it features 14 coaches which were named after the former Rajputana states. Travelers get to experience the rich and fascinating Indian heritage of the maharajas. The train offers the opulence and lavish lifestyle of the maharajas for the duration of the journey. Other amenities aboard the Palace on Wheels include two pantry cars, a bar and lounge.

Venice Simplon Orient Express

Not surprisingly, the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express was voted the most luxurious luxury train in the world. It takes number one spot amongst the best luxury travel trains in Europe and world over. Without a doubt, it is the most popular luxury tourist train in the world.

Travelers get to cruise through England’s as well as Italy’s most iconic attractions and rich heritage. For a 6-day-long journey, with sightseeing and exquisite meals included, costs range from $5,656 upwards. The cost is high, but indeed the overall experience is worth it.

Eastern & Oriental Express

The Eastern and Oriental Express offers the best of luxury train travels in Asia. It is also undeniably one of the most exclusive luxury trains in the world. Lucky ones get to enjoy mystical landscapes incomparable to any other in a journey traversing 2,000 km of South East Asia territory.

The train provides a two day journey with occasional stops at picturesque locations. It features three coach classes with full board amenities and an always on-the-service staff. The journeys have been split into four distinct packages that provide a truly exotic experience of the Asian peninsular.

Royal Scotsman

The Royal Scotsman offers travelers an unheard-of access to Scotland’s marvellous sceneries. Little wonder it is considered one of the greatest travel experiences in the UK. Moreover, it hosts only 35 guests and provides them with an outstanding experience of the Scottish rugged scenery. The Royal Scotsman boasts two dining cars with exotic décor and lavish fabrics. And we should not forget that it also serves some of the best cuisine in the world. The cabins are adorned with outstanding mahogany.

To cap it all, the luxury train provided its guests with an opportunity to delve into Scottish history through an Edwardian observation car. A local highlander is always on standby to recount stories of Scotland’s rich heritage.

Rocky Mountaineer

The Rocky Mountaineer is perfect for individuals keen on a Rocky Mountains travel experience. The luxury train takes you on an unparalleled one-of-a-kind tour of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. And it is not a big surprise that it was featured on BBC TV’s list of 50 Things to do Before You Die. You get to enjoy the famous snow covered peaks, huge forests and lakes in Canada at the comfort of your luxurious cabin.

The Rocky Mountaineer today runs on four varying routes through the Canadian Rockies. Guests enjoy world class accommodation with mystic sceneries and quality on-board service. It traverses unbelievably scenic views between Jasper, Banff, Calgary and Vancouver. And what is more, luxury is everywhere, including the Rocky Mountaineer’s Gold Leaf carriage with its transparent domed roof.

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