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The Timken Company

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The Timken Company

The Timken Company

The Timken Company is a leading global manufacturer of highly engineered bearings, alloy steels, and related components and assemblies. Timken’s technologies and products turn up virtually everywhere equipment moves or power is transmitted. By applying its knowledge of friction management and power transmission, the Timken Company helps its customers’ products to run smoother, faster and more efficiently and to deliver unparalleled value and innovation all around the world.

Timken values its customers and keeps them at the center of everything it does. But that not all; it is also reflected in Timken's vision, which is focused on improving the performance of customers' applications. While Timken’s vision defines the ultimate destination, core values serve as the roadmap to guide our daily decisions for the benefit of all Timken stakeholders.

Henry Timken, The founder of Timken Company, said “If you have an idea which you think is right, push it to a finish. But above all, don’t set your name to anything you will ever have a cause to be ashamed of.”

Timken takes that to heart, to the extent that ethics, honesty and respect are upheld as the most important considerations in the business decisions it makes.

Quality is the cornerstone of Timken's brand promise to customers, and a basic requirement of global competitiveness. Timken’s associates are deeply ingrained in quality processes to ensure that customers receive consistent, excellent quality in all Timken products and services everywhere in the world.

Timken also focuses on continuously advancing energy-efficient, durable performance in virtually every kind of machinery. From aircraft, to trains, to wind turbines, Timken is all set to develop innovative solutions with customers to help their applications run smoothly, safely and efficiently, which also makes the world a better place.

James W. Griffith, President & CEO at Timken Company said, “Because we believe independence fosters the greatest potential for creativity and growth, Timken is managed to retain financial independence. In turn, our associates directly contribute and share rewards for the improvements we achieve to benefit our customers and other stakeholders.”

Wherever there is motion, Timken team is found at work. It is one of the world's leading producers of highly engineered antifriction bearings and related products and services and alloy steel and components. The company has helped create, transfer and control power, putting the friction management and power transmission technologies to work across a broad industry spectrum.

Timken operates its offices in 30 countries on six continents, and its team of 20,000 employees is dedicated to improving our customers' performance in a variety of applications.

Timken has nearly 25,000 associates globally and the combination includes a variety of cultural backgrounds, education levels and thinking styles.  Timken’s commitment to global inclusion enables that mix to work.

The diversity and global inclusion process of Timken is not only about treating all associates equally, but also treating their ideas as valuable.  Employees at Timken strive to cultivate and promote a diverse workforce that's committed to working together to develop innovative ideas and reach appropriate solutions.  At the Timken Company, the global inclusion strategy ensures that the management is successful in its workforce, workplace, and marketplace and value creation.

James further declares, “We believe this diversity of thought, when united by a common purpose, will enhance our business performance and shareholder return.”

To ensure that global inclusion strategies match business objectives, Timken has implemented a leadership structure, comprised of a global inclusion team, inclusion leads and the Global Inclusion Advisory Council (GIAC).

Led by the manager of global inclusion, the team sets the overall strategy for Timken's global inclusion process.  Inclusion leads – selected from the businesses and regions around the globe – are responsible for implementing and measuring tactics.  Senior management representatives who are part of the GIAC meet quarterly to make sure global inclusion strategies align with business strategies.

James says, “We continue to build a diverse workforce by attracting and retaining diverse associates with an integrated university relations and experienced hire recruiting strategy. In addition, we have developed an inclusive talent management process by linking inclusion behaviors to our standards of performance. We are creating a better, more open workplace through employee resource groups, global inclusion training, internal communications and inclusive benefits and rewards.”

Through positive community relations and supplier diversity, Timken Company continues to create inclusive marketplaces that advance its business objectives and enhance the communities where Timken associates live and work.

Timken has managed to achieve a significant timeline that portrays Timken’s success through the years that have passed by. The key to Timken's success throughout the decades has been our willingness to transform our business to meet the demands of the market – and the needs of our customers. Timken Roller Bearing Company incorporated in 1899. It moved from St. Louis to Canton, Ohio, and opened a bearing and axle plant in 1901; it is later that it got renamed as The Timken Roller Bearing Company. In 1922, Timken stock began public trading and the company got listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Timken got listed among The 100 Most Trustworthy Companies by Forbes magazine in 2009. In 2010, Timken got named by Ethisphere Institute as one of world's most ethical companies.

Today, Timken continues its tradition of working with customers to solve problems.  its portfolio includes a full line of products and services that reduce friction and transmit power, not to mention an endless offering of technical solutions that help customers design, protect and maintain their own products.

Timken also believe that its global inclusion strategy is more than just a good idea. It's a business imperative that the management measures and leverages to deliver unparalleled value to its customers and shareholders.


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