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The Promising New Algorithm ‘Polaris’ from the House of MIT
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Polaris, A technique to minimize web page load time

Web page load time has been one of the major Internet issues for a long while. We have entered the smarter era of Internet technology with 4G, Li-Fi, and concept 5G, but web page loading time at a breakneck speed remains a sheer fantasy.

According to MIT and Harvardโ€™s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab, the concept of loading at super speed is not impossible. Two professors, a Ph.D. student, and a graduate student have developed a system called โ€˜Polarisโ€™, which claims to minimize the web page load time by 34%.

Polaris downloads various objects from a site so that the overall web page takes lesser time to load.

In order to understand the program โ€˜Polarisโ€™, the team advised to consider the analogy of a businessperson travelling in a city without having a list of every stop. โ€œIf someone gave you the entire list of cities ahead of time, you could plan the fastest possible route. Without the list, though, you have to discover new cities as you go, which results in unnecessary zig-zagging between far-away cities.โ€

The team has mentioned on the website of Polaris Project that mostly bandwidth is blamed by users for slow web page loading time, but often, bandwidth is not responsible at all. To load a web page, objects such as HTML, source code, and image files have to be collected by browsers before adding data, which user wants to view. The complexity lies in the requirements of the browser to capture and evaluate supplementary objects known as โ€˜dependencies.โ€™

For an instance, in order to discover more objects to collect and render, a JavaScript code of the required file should be executed by the browser. Browsers, as a result, need to be conservative about the objectโ€™s load order that tends to maximize the amount of trips for cross-network and slow down the web page load time.

Polaris efficiently enters the process by making aย dependency graphย based of interaction tracking of the web page.

The researchers have evaluated Polaris across the network conditions of the most popular websites, for instance, Wikipedia, ESPN, and Ideally, this technology to minimize web page load time will be integrated eventually into browsers.

โ€œFor a web browser, loading all of a pageโ€™s objects is like visiting all of the cities, Polaris effectively gives you a list of all the cities before your trip actually begins. Itโ€™s what allows the browser to load a webpage more quickly.โ€ The research team wrote.

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