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The World’s Greenest Hotel Welcomes Eco-Conscious Tourists
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Spread over 7,500 square meters, PARKROYAL on Pickering Singapore with its hotel-in-a-garden design structure is an urban marvel.

Vertical gardens are the trend of the season. But the concept is only limited to a few planters either stacked vertically on mounted wall shelves or flowering plants arranged neatly on balconies. People who want to include verdant scenes in their surroundings but have a space problem usually find a middle ground with vertical gardens. Singapore’s PARKROYAL hotel gives this concept a new meaning with its vertical garden design which incorporates a lot more than a few cute planters. It is an urban frondescence, blooming with planter terraces, waterfalls, and cascading vertical sky-gardens. For onlookers, the PARKROYAL hotel looks like a green staircase leading to the sky and for the guests; it’s like living in a tropical wonderland!

Source: PARKROYAL on Pickering

Β Plant-covered balconies and terraces draped with diverse tropical plants can be found on every fourth level. The foliage from the courtyards reach the guest rooms directly, giving every room in the hotel, a garden view. The greenery stemming from the hotel complex merges with that of the nearby parks to make a continuous oasis of lush green landscape. The roof terrace serves as a recreational area with gorgeous infinity pools and a breathtaking view of the city while insulating the upper floors from direct heat gain.

Everything about the hotel reflects its commitment to sustainability. The sky-gardens in the PARKROYAL hotel are self-sustaining. The upper floors collect rainwater and irrigate the vegetation on the lower floors. The hotel uses the NEWAter system which is the brand name given to retreated sewage water produced by the Singapore Public Utilities Board. Singapore calls itself the Garden City and it makes good on that promise. Architects, hoteliers, citizens, and officials alike pursue their mission of making Singapore the world's first sustainable city. It requires businesses to adhere to strict sustainability standards, encourages and lauds innovations in sustainability. The citizens of the city and country too demand Eco-consciousness from businesses and they are also willing to pay more and choose Eco-friendly hotels.

PARKROYAL on Pickering Singapore is the recipient of several awards for its efforts in sustainable living. The Solar Pioneer Award for its innovative solar energy system and Singapore’s highest green ranking, the BCA Green Mark Platinum, are two of the many laurels awarded to PARKROYAL. The hotel is recognized as one of the first hotels in the world to rely on solar energy and the world’s first hotel to create zero-energy sky gardens. The hotel was crowned the world's best green hotel by the World Travel Awards in 2018.

The other significant sustainability features of PARKROYAL include;

β€’ Built-in rain sensors in landscape areas to turn off irrigation when a minimum level of rain is detected.
β€’ Photosensors, motion sensors, demand-based ventilation systems, and water efficient fitting throughout the hotel to converse energy.
β€’ Photovoltaic cell arrays on the roof power grow lamps and softscape lighting.
β€’ An architectural design which makes the hotel self-shaded by the projecting sky gardens and the building structure.

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