The Richest Dresses of all time in the World!

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5 years ago

Many of us can only imagine jewelry to be outstandingly expensive. A large studded diamond ring or a heavy gold cuff bracelet can surely cost a million. But to a great surprise, even dresses can be very expensive, some even in millions. Dresses can be very expensive due to some unique and precious work on them. Many renowned designers in the world are making the most expensive dresses in the world mainly for celebrities. At times, dresses are sold for a high price for the fact that they were worn by famous people or are studded with precious detailing.

History and even the recent times have very well proven this fact. We have put together a short but exclusive list of some of the most expensive dresses in the world of all time.

  1. The essential Pnina Tornai gown for Klienfield

    The most expensive dress in the world

The lavishly extraordinary Klienfield is a boutique in New York, and needs no introduction. Furthermore, Pnina Tornai’s signature style introduced the fashion industry to see-through illusion bodice. Her portfolio uniquely boasts impressive detailing and figure-flattering craftsmanship.

This amazingly expensive silhouette is a golden embroidery ball gown with silk rose detailing and white lace skirt. It sums up to be an invincible combination of traditional elegance and modern elements.

This dress was initially designed for the grand finale of her runway show in London. But it gained tremendous popularity when Kelly Doodle wore it at her wedding and got featured in the show “Say Yes to the Dress” at TLC.

This brilliant masterpiece costs a whopping $3.7million.

  1. A stunning Oscar De La Renta for Amal Alamuddin ‘Clooney

    The most expensive dress

This cream colored fairy-tale wedding gown was a mille-feuille of ivory tulle. The bodice is hand-embroidered with subtle beads and crystals and an appliqué detailing of 14 yards of chantily lace.

The final product told a tale of elegance and romance just as the bride wanted, and every view of the gown was brimming with magic.

This staggering piece was priced at $3.8million.

  1. The conventional peacock wedding gown by Vera Wang

    Peacock Wedding Gown

Eight craftsmen toiled day and night to appliqué more than 2,ooo male peacock feathers onto this grandeur piece. This unusual design-piece was crafted in 2009 for a wedding expo in Nanjing, China.

This truly unique one of the expensive dresses created by Vera Wang was priced at $1.5million.

  1. A Baracci gown for Kim Zolciac

    Beautiful Wedding Gown

In 2011, the lady was spotted wearing this 32 pounds weighing gown at her wedding with beau Kroy Bierman. The dress was beautifully embellished with peals, lace, and Swarovski crystals.

Kim claimed that due to quick wedding preps she had to purchase this gown from pre-owned wedding gowns website. Nonetheless, the price did seem to balance out the second-hand criteria.

Baracci sold this beautiful wedding gown for $58,000.

  1. Giambatistta Valli for Mrs. Timberlake

    most expensive dresses 2

Jessica Biel flaunted down her wedding walkway in Italy wearing this sultry silhouette by Giambatistta Valli. Moreover, this was an off-shoulder couture gown made with soft pink hue and drape fabrics such as silk muslin and organza.

Likewise, the bride insisted for a unique element in her wedding dress by drifting off from the traditional white styles. Certainly, the lady looked like a dream with romance and sensuality camouflaged in her with that edgy yet simple pink drape.

This pink-petal silk muslin silhouette surpluses $1million and willingly claims as one the most expensive wedding dresses till date.

  1. A legendary wedding dress of Princess Diana

    Wedding dress of Princess Diana

Designed by David and Elizabeth Emanuel in 1981 for her wedding with Prince Charles, this super expensive dress looked like a dream.

To drape this legendary piece, silk taffeta was used as fabric and antique laces were embellished with a soaring number of pearls, beads, and sequins.

The dress is estimated to have cost what would come out to a $1.5million as of today.

  1. Alexander McQueen for the Duchess of Cambridge

    Most Expensive Bridal Dress

A timeless vintage designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, this 1950’s styled ball gown will definitely stand the test of time.

Victorian bodices and hand-sewn lace appliqué made this magical piece all the more fit for the fashionista princess, Katherine Middleton.

This highly anticipated wedding dress cost around $4million and will definitely prove to be one of the most expensive gowns of all times.

These prices for mere dresses may seem imaginary and unreasonable for some. But the fact is these are just a few of the most expensive dresses in the world. Uniquely enough, there are a lot more that can be included in this list too.

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