The Life of Pies: Most Popular Pies – Ranked

For 47% Americans, the word “comforting” comes to mind when they think of pie. Industry Leaders Magazine visits the uncomplicated and refreshing world of America’s most popular pies. What’s your favorite?

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The United States has a rich history of organizations starting yearly national celebrations as either a marketing strategy or to commemorate an event. National Doughnut Day, for example, has been celebrated on the 3rd of June every year since 1983 to honor members of The Salvation Army who served doughnuts to soldiers during World War I. President Ronald Reagan declared ice-cream to be a “nutritious and wholesome food” in 1984 in order to help the dairy industry which was famously trying to find a way to get rid of a surplus of 500 million pounds of cheese. The third Sunday of every December since has been celebrated as National Ice Cream Day.

Carrying forward this rich tradition, Crisco’s 75th anniversary of “serving food to families everywhere” was celebrated in 1986 and the American Pie Council advertised National Pie Day to mark the occasion. The Denver Post further reports that the holiday was born in Boulder, Colorado, where a school teacher who loved pie declared that his birthday was to be National Pie Day. Thus, in 1975, the 23rd of January was entered into Chase’s Book of Events as National Pie Day. The humble pie has long been a quintessential American dessert. Pies are so ubiquitous that American shelves now stock a board game called PieFace where players, as the name suggests, get hit in the face with whipped cream on turning a handle.

The country’s most popular pies have been ranked below

Americans sure do love their Apple Pie, but it turns out there’s a place for several delectable pies in their hearts and bellies, too. Here’s a rundown of American’s most popular pies ranked in a descending fashion. Dig in!

5th: Blackberry Pie

Blueberry Pie_American's 5th most popular pie

Blackberries grow wild across the continent of North America, and while Oregon leads the country in production; California, Washington, Texas and North Carolina all also have an abundance. The availability along with the uniquely sweet and tart flavor of the berry has made this a favorite across the nation.

4th: Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie - America's 4th most popular pie

Florida’s official state pie is airy, light and refreshing. A recent controversy about its origins was cause for some alarm in the south. Regardless of whether this simple pie was first concocted in New York or Florida however, it’ll forever be a country favorite.

3rd: Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie - 3rd most popular pie in America

While Starbucks has long been capitalizing on the Pumpkin’s sweet yet savory flavor to sell its lattes, the humble pumpkin pie has been around longer still. The addition of a hint of spice paired with a buttery crust is a surefire way of ensuring happy faces at the dinner table.

2nd: Pecan Pie

Pecan Pie_Most Popular Pies

Pecans can reduce bad cholesterol and increase the good cholesterol in your body, and 90 percent of the fat in pecan nuts is unsaturated. This sweet indulgence, while still high on calories, thus has a silver lining to go along with its crunchy topping.

1st: Apple Pie AKA Ameria’s Crown Jewel

Apple_Pie_Most Popular Pies

The tartness of a good, crispy apple complemented by a blend of spices that could contain cardamom, nutmeg, cloves and everything in between; makes for the best of pies bar none. Craving for a slice of classic Americana, look no further than the heartwarming apple pie.

The world’s most expensive pie, however, is a savory one. Lord Dudley Hotel offers the aptly named “Posh Pie” for 12,000 dollars, and it contains Wagyu beef, West Australian rock lobsters, French truffles and German gold leaf.

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