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Thanksgiving weekend sees holiday shopping rise 10%

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Thanksging shopping frenzy

Thanksging shopping frenzy

Thanksgiving traditions have been evolving, adding to the list of usual activities one more thing namely Thanksgiving shopping. Retailers know how to take use of the needs and trends therefore they decided to open the holiday shopping season on Thanksgiving.

Americans did not let down retailers as they rushed to stores and waited in lines on the Thanksgiving evening, Black Friday and the weekend. According to data, the entire holiday shopping weekend saw an increase of approximately 10 percent in shoppers, compared to 2011.

Holiday shopping weekend’s figures

On the 25th of November, the National Retail Federation reported the findings of its Thanksgiving weekend survey of American shopping activity. The survey showed that retailers won the battles as they lured customers to their shops. According to the findings, over 35 million Americans decided to shop on the Thanksgiving evening, which was a 20 percent jump compared to the 2011 Thanksgiving shopping.

Data showed that over the entire Thanksgiving shopping weekend almost 250 million shoppers visited either shops or websites, or both. That is an increase of over 9 percent, compared with 2011. But American shoppers did not disappoint even when it came to spending. American Holiday customers spent an average of nearly $425 over the Thanksgiving shopping weekend, which is just the opening of the holiday shopping season. In 2011,  retailers saw the average American holiday customer spend nearly $400 during the same period. Total spending over the Thanksgiving weekend frenzy reached roughly $59 billion, up nearly 13 percent from 2011.

According to data, Black Friday sales alone accounted for as much as 47.5 percent of total sales. Thanksgiving sales totaled about 27 percent. It is worth underlying that about 80 percent of American customers, who took part in the Thanksgiving shopping weekend frenzy, were basically practical in making household purchases.

However the findings of the survey showed that the Thanksgiving shopping weekend was successful and retailers took advantage of the opening of the holiday shopping season. Their efforts to attract customers to their shops in spite of the weak job market, taxes increases and budget cuts worked out. Retailers are aware of the importance of the holiday shopping season as during that period they can earn approximately 40 percent of their annual revenue.

Online Thanksgiving shopping weekend

American shoppers did not disappoint either when it came to the online shopping as much of the Thanksgiving weekend shopping took place online. Many customers decided to shop online just to take advantage of Internet-only special deals which started early Thursday morning. According to the findings of survey, the average American shopper spend roughly $172 online during the Thanksgiving shopping weekend, which reached about 41 percent of the total spending, up from approximately 38 percent in 2011.

Certainly these good results are partly caused by the retailers’ good job of combing their physical stores with online channels which allowed customers to shop online. Inc. was the most popular on Black Friday.

According to analysts' estimates, 2012 holidays sales are predicted to grow roughly 4.1 percent from last year. In 2011, sales growth was about 5.6 percent. The National Retail Federation underlines that overall holiday sales are expected to reach approximately $586 billion. The average American customer is to spend roughly $749 this holiday shopping season.


Find all of the online and in-store Thanksgiving Day sales in 2020, counting deals at Amazon, Best Buy, Kohls, Macys, Target and Walmart.

Black Friday has occupied the blessedness of Thanksgiving for the past few years, with stores shunning early Friday morning starts in favor of online Thanksgiving sales and Thursday evening doorbusters. If you dearest shopping for prodigious deals, that’s countless because there’s even more time to get a big price discount!

The Friday after Thanksgiving may still be the official start of the Christmas holiday shopping season, but stores and websites are certainly moving this advancing with sufficiently of primary Black Friday sales starting in early November.

You should also assume that Thanksgiving Day will convert an even bigger one for online price deals. In 2019, online retail sales hopped 32% on Thanksgiving Day versus the year before. This year, it will surely grow again.

Here are some of the top performing products that we suppose to see on sale during Thanksgiving Day 2020 as retailers determine that shoppers are enthusiastic to employ big while they watch football and eat turkey:

Cell Phones – The competition between the Samsung Galaxy S10 / Note 10, the iPhone 11 and the Google Pixel 4 will heat up as 5G network technology is put in place.

Best Buy During Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday

4K Smart Televisions – The 4K TV expressions clued-up for big discounts this year as 8K TVs have been out for over a year now. If you are beholding for a deal on a 55 to 65 inch smart TV, this should be a decent time to grab a cheap TV, and with online sales growing you may not even essential to stand in line overnight at Walmart or Best Buy.

Smart Tech – A smart speaker such as the Amazon Echo, smart thermostat like the Nest, and smart security tech like the Ring Doorbell are all going to be prevalent items as consumers are guise to buy the latest hot technology for their home.

Laptops & Chromebooks – In the contemporary era, mobile technology is winning out over desktop computers. As they get further powerful, thinner, lighter and faster, many will be trading up for a new laptop deal.

Camera Deals – The sales on Canon and Nikon consumer and professional cameras are poignant earlier and earlier every year so both are expected to be in full swing as the bell tolls on Thanksgiving Day this year, chiefly with the new mirrorless cameras.

Video Games – The Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite are going to be a hot comfort this Thanksgiving unless Microsoft and Sony release their new platforms.

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