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Tesla’s chief engineer Doug Field returns to Apple

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Doug Field is apparently oscillating his services between two US tech giants: Apple and Tesla as reports confirm that the technology specialist has gone back to his former organization Apple.

It was last month that Tesla’s SEC filing acknowledged the departure of it chief vehicle offer Dong Field who was reportedly on a leave of absence in May before leaving in June when he was to resume office. Field served as the Vice President of Apple's Mac hardware before switching to Tesla where he was absorbed to head Tesla’s vehicle production. VentureBeat reports that Apple rehired Field to work on its autonomous car initiative “Project Titan,” but experts suggest that the world’s first trillion-dollar company could be interested in producing vehicles.

 “Project Titan” is Apple's self-driving car project which it has kept from the public since its beginning mid-2016. Apple has spoken to Daring Fireball’ John Gruber to confirm Doug Field's return to Cupertino after spending five years away from the company. His departure from Tesla comes on the heels of CEO Elon Musk, having taken over Field's responsibility of running the company’s vehicle production and engineering after a failed attempt to hit an initial first-quarter target established for Tesla Model 3 under Field’s supervision.

First trillion-dollar company Apple

Apple's CEO, Tim Cook

Apple may be planning to produce vehicles itself

The initial scope of Project Titan had considerably been whittled down and plenty of those involved in the project had in their hundreds either left or been reassigned elsewhere as Apple seeks to partner with other automobile makers for the deployment of its self-driving software.

Field’s return to apple is now different since he’s working on another project. Instead of moving to Mac engineering, his deployment to head Apple's rebooted Titan self-driving car project team has an undertone. It simply means that Apple could still have the monumental plan of pushing interest in adding automobile manufacturing as one of its arms and producing the self-driving vehicles on its own, according to John Gruber’s speculations.

Gruber went on to decry the regular oscillation of employees between Apple and Tesla. Seemingly the two companies have openly battled to hire Silicon Valley's top talents for a long time running now.

Capturing a tweet by Elon Musk three years ago in reply to a German newspaper where he is quoted to have said "If you don't make it at Tesla, you go work at Apple" before going on to apologize.

Whether what Doug Field had failed to achieve while at Tesla with the Tesla Model 3, he will now accomplish with the Apple's Project Titan, we hope to see as we keenly monitor the progress of the highly secretive Apple's self-driving car "Project Titan" with Doug Field in charge. Tesla CEO Elon Musk had once described Apple's "Project Titan" as a 'Tesla graveyard'.

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