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Tesla Model 3 customers in Europe won’t use Autopilot yet
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Tesla Model 3 is currently being delivered in Europe. However, customers who have paid for the Tesla Autopilot driver assistance package will have to wait a little longer before they can use the futuristic feature, Los Angeles Times. While the company awaits RDW – the vehicle authority in the Netherlands –for driver assistance package approval, it has currently disabled autopilot.

In January, Telsa announced it had received “type approval” to sell the Model 3 in Europe. This approval only means regulators had cleared the vehicle to be sold across the European Union. But a spokesperson for RDW on Thursday informed the Times that Autopilot wasn’t included in that approval. Meanwhile, Tesla has the option of selling the Model S and Model X in Europe with Autopilot. This approval, when given or denied by one nation in the European Union, applies also in all the other nations in the union.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla’s spokesperson in a statement revealed that the company has plans to enable Autopilot for Model 3 in Europe from next week. The company explained that while the approval is still being processed, every required test has been conducted. RDW is yet to respond to a request for comment on this. According to Times, as of Thursday Tesla still allowed customers across Europe to select the autopilot option which is roughly $6,000.

Currently, the biggest market for electric cars in the world is China, followed closely by Europe and the United States, who are both on the second spot. Hence, the major focus for Tesla in 2019 is to bring the Model 3 to China and Europe. CEO Elon Musk on a call with investors last week said every Model 3 being produced currently in California is destined for either China or Europe. Tesla’s second round of layoffs in the past year was announced recently. It combined with the release of the Model 3 into these new markets and the company believes that these moves will grant its profits from now on.

Aside from the absence of the Autopilot in the initial approvals given, there are other headaches Tesla has to worry about as it launches the Model 3 in Europe. According to Musk, while the company was sending the cars at the port in Belgium, it experienced some “unexpected challenges” which have caused an initial delay with the deliveries of cars.

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