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Tesla Free Charging Extension is as simple as a Referral Code

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Tesla’s most loved perk amongst owners was Tesla free charging, which came to an end during January this year. Before this end, Tesla owners could easily charge their vehicles at the company’s Supercharger stations for free. Yes, free! But what seems like a change of heart, well not fully though; Tesla has announced that new users can still get the benefits of free charging at Supercharger stations.

Tesla free Charging: New Way

tesla free charging gilroy

New users do not need to fret over the charging concerns, as Tesla free charging is still possible. Albeit, in a new way now which is as easy as a referral code. You sure read it right, a referral code.

A Tesla spokesperson said that the existing Tesla owners can now give free and unlimited Supercharging. The catch here is that they cannot give free supercharging to anyone and everyone. This can be done only for up to 5 friends by sharing the referral code.

Additionally, one great perk given by the company along with Tesla free charging is for the current owners. Owners already having a Tesla; who want to purchase a new vehicle (P.S a new Tesla), will enjoy receiving free Supercharging on their new vehicles as well.

Free Charging Extended

tesla free charging

According to the previous reports, the individuals planning to buy a Tesla vehicle had to purchase it by January 1st. They also had to take the delivery of the vehicle by April 1st so that they could qualify for Tesla free charging at the Supercharger stations. However, to give the prospective buyers one more chance to enjoy unlimited free charging, Tesla extended the deadline to January 15th.

Given all these, what if someone missed the January cut-off and purchased a Tesla vehicle before this announcement? Well, for owners who brought cars before this announcement of the referral code system, the company will be extending free charging for them. Tesla free charging for such owners will act like they received a referral code from another Tesla driver.

Additionally, as we already mentioned, even if they buy a new Tesla car, the current drivers of Tesla vehicles will continue receiving their perks of Tesla free charging.

Payment for Supercharging

tesla free charging supercharger station

After offering unlimited free charging, shifting towards a limited option let down many potential buyers of Tesla vehicles. But the automaker company made this shift after getting many complaints from owners. Many drivers complained that the Supercharger stations were beginning to get highly congested. Even more, many owners used to park their cars at the Supercharger stations for hours on a stretch.

Tesla is planning to ramp up its production this year. For this, it plans to expand its infrastructure of the charging stations across the nation, as reported by The Verge.

tesla free charging station

As far as the payment for charging is concerned, only the drivers who don’t have a referral code will have to pay. Such drivers will get 400 kWh (Kilowatt per hour) of free power per year. After which, they will have to pay $0.40 for each minute that they spend at a station after the charging is complete.

So potential buyers, before it gets late, find out your referral code at the earliest.

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