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Tesla Faces Increased Scrutiny With Disclosure of 53,000 Vehicle Recall

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Tesla led by Elon Musk has made a disclosure that the company is recalling around two third of all the models produced in 2016 due to some technical fault left in the electronic parking brakes. The Tesla vehicle recall may affect its recent mark of the most valuable car company in the US.

Tesla vehicle recall may affect its recent excel

Almost 53,000 Model X and Model S vehicles built last year are affected by the brakes prone. The company estimates that almost 5 percent of the cars have the fault. Tesla on its website reported that the brakes may have a small gear that would not be manufactured properly by their third party supplier.

According to certain reports, the faulty part was the fix by Italy’s supplier Brembo. A spokesperson from Brembo North America says that they will work with Tesla to resolve the issue quickly.

Tesla says that no single accident or injury relating to the brake issue has been reported. No incidents of failure in holding a vehicle or stopping a vehicle during an emergency is known. The company also adds that only a small percentage of gears were cautious. But these wise words won’t justify the fault.

The company will send an official recall notice to its customers for the fix. Tesla says that the repairs will begin immediately and will stock enough parts for all affected vehicle by October. The company estimates that the repairs will not take more than 45 minutes. Shares in the company fell by 1 percent closing at $302.51 after the announcement.

Tesla is making the vehicle recall a frequent business as it also has a recent record of cautious car parts. The company recalled 90,000 Model S cars in November 2015 because of the complaints of the issues in the seat belt hinges.

vehicle recall

Tesla Model S car

The fault rates in the manufacturing of the vehicles have increased exponentially. Last year in the US, according to the Transportation Department 53.2 million vehicles were recalled.

Tesla does not have a strong network of franchised dealerships that can handle its sales, services and recall repairs. The company manages the services of the customer vehicles through its network of around 135 service centers and mobile technicians. However, Tesla says that service capacity is not an issue for them.

During the time when Tesla is planning to rapidly increase its manufacturing output of the latest model of its most affordable car, the company has to face a situation of increased scrutiny. Tesla is planning to take on the Model 3’s production to 1 million models per year by 2020.

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